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NamePath of Giants
Package Namecom.JourneyBoundGames.PathofGaints
PublisherJourney Bound Games Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
PriceFREE $3.99
RequiresAndroid 4.4

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Introduce about Path of Giants

Monument Valley, Evo Explores, or LIMBO are the most popular games in the puzzle adventure genre. Each game has different forms and gameplay. And although you have experienced a lot, if they still do not satisfy you in terms of content, graphics, or design of puzzles, you should try Path of Giants. I’m not sure what you’ll feel while playing, but the game has delighted millions of players on popular platforms like Nintendo Switch, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and macOS.

The story

Path of Giants is set in the eternal frozen land, about the journey to find the treasure of three young adventurers. They are Bern, Matchi, and Totch – who have a lot of experience with this. But as they go deeper into the land, they encounter many difficulties and find strange things. The heat source and the clues are slowly fading. What is the result of this journey? Please accompany three explorers and find the answer!


Path of Giants allows players to control a group of 3 adventurers to find treasure in an eternal frozen land. With simple touch interaction, players will control all 3 adventurers to solve puzzles and find the mystery of the arduous journey.

The content in Path of Giants is divided into phases. In each round of play in a specific stage, players must collect hidden items hidden in ancient relics to unlock secrets throughout the storyline.

The secret to solving puzzles in the game is that adventurers must combine and support each other. In other words, this game is about teamwork. Neither of them can move up or down without help from the others. You will even come across a door that needs three people to open. From this, we can see that having to get all three explorers to collaborate is not easy. Sometimes it feels like you have found a solution, but the truth does not appear that way. You will have to try, go wrong, and constantly find new solutions while exploring the ruins.


There are many places to explore in the eternal frozen land. As new content unlocks, puzzles become more and more complex. New bridges, doors, elevators, and many new problems will emerge. They make you feel that treasure is something far away, untouchable. But that’s when you explore the game’s interesting puzzle mechanics. It is truly an unforgettable experience.

In addition, the locations in the game are also beautifully designed, with an artistic tendency. Some reviews suggest that this design is somewhat similar to Monument Valley but has a closer approach.

Unlock special content

The difficulty of the puzzles in Path Of Giants will increase over time. At first, they are straightforward, helping you get used to the controls and interacting with objects in the environment. However, the puzzles become more challenging, requiring you to plan adventurers carefully.

Besides that, some special levels contain three coins. As you find them, you’ll be given access to special puzzles. Of course, the scene is new, and the difficulty is higher. I have solved a few puzzles, and I find they are quite similar, which can decrease your motivation.

Although the game has content intended for children three years of age or older, it doesn’t seem easy. I think Path of Giants is designed for family or group of friends. Everyone can sit down and learn this game together. That’s a pretty good idea, isn’t it?

MOD APK version of Path of Giants

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Download Path of Giants MOD APK for Android

At first glance, Path of Giants may seem like a lot of other platforming puzzle games you’ve ever played. But in a way, controlling all three of the characters on your own is a real challenge. And once you explore the other wacky mechanics in the game, you’ll have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. If you are looking for something new, this game is worth a try.

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