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NamePaperly: Paper Plane Adventure
Package Namecom.atgstudios.paperly
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure MOD APK is a paper airplane driving game. That’s all, but the game won a lot of awards voted by Google Play and is one of the most popular casual games on mobile.

Introduce about Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure

Go on an exciting paper plane flight adventure, learn different flight mechanics & reach your destination.

What is Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure?

The game world is full of cool stuff. One of them is that there are games, which at first glance are very ordinary, even nothing too attractive, entice you to start, but after playing, you will be addicted away when you do not know. Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure is an example.

Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure is, to put it bluntly, a game of driving a paper plane through tough terrain and a series of obstacles of all shapes and sizes to reach the final destination.

Take a flight as a paper plane and explore a world full of adventures!

Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure has very good physics-oriented gameplay. The only task of the player is to control the paper plane so that it overcomes obstacles, reaches the destination safely without collision without hitting anything on the road. Along the way, the more colorful pieces of paper you can collect, the more chances you can have a new paper plane.

You may think in your head that this game is too easy, just for kids. But this game is not easy at all.

First of all, you must be observant and have the required level of acumen. Many different landscapes will appear in Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure. You need to see the big picture, grasp the current situation, mentally calculate a few possible scenarios, and start taking control. The feeling right now does not control anymore, but you are a paper plane flying around the world.

You slip out into small ravines, glide on high stairs, turn left to dodge a big bush, soar overhead to catch colored pieces of paper. Just need to use one hand to play, it is important to have observation and flexible control ability, calm and alert to go long and far in this game.

Realistic effects

Although it is just a simple 2D image with colorful and beautiful color schemes, Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure shows very well the actual physics aspect. The sound of the wind in the background, the wings of the aircraft fluttering slightly every time the wind is on high, the incline slowly when turning from left to right or changing direction suddenly… All of them give the feeling that you are a real paper plane flying in the sky.

Gravity, Momentum elements are clearly shown. Gravity helps act as an engine to support, create momentum and drag the aircraft in different situations. As for Momentum, when you fly low, you will have more, and vice versa. These two combinations make the paper plane flying experience in Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure very clear, and logical.

Fly Free, Fly High

Each context is a color tone and a different terrain. You will travel by paper plane through Dry Deserts, Rainforests, Arctic Ice Caves… Currently, Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure has 7 different styles with rich terrain, textures, and tones. Fly as a Paper Plane and enjoy the beauty of the world and experience different physical weather conditions.

Along the way remember to collect colorful lithium paper samples. Which color is collected enough first, you will have a new plane with the corresponding color. The new airplane color is more fun, there is more excitement through the stages. Up to now, the game has 8 types of paper planes for players to unlock in turn.

In addition, players can also participate in Wind Boost and Dash on Air modes to challenge themselves more when increasing the wind power, flying high into the air to collect many bonus points.

MOD APK version of Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure APK & MOD for Android

Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure will bring you an epic flying journey. This attractive paper plane world is full of adventures, let’s download and play this amazing game right away!

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