Pacific Rim Breach Wars MOD APK 1.7.2 (Enemies Low Attack/Health, Anti-Banned Bypass, Anti-Cheat Bypass)

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I have reviewed many games already. Today I try to change the wind with a completely new game. Have you ever imagined an action game without any action elements in gameplay? Try the game Pacific Rim Breach Wars of Kung Fu Factory for the answer.

Overview information

NamePacific Rim Breach Wars
PublisherKung Fu Factory
Category, ,
MOD FeaturesEnemies Low Attack/Health, Anti-Banned Bypass, Anti-Cheat Bypass
RequiresAndroid 4.1, iOS 8.0

The alien war

This game is set in the battle of the robot transformer. You will be joined by Jaegers at Shatterdome. After thousands of years, Kaiju monsters from outer space have returned to take over the Earth. They threaten the lives of people around the world. Jeagers’s mission is saving the world. Command troops, fight the monsters Kaiju manly, protect the peace of the whole universe.

Match-3 gameplay

Pacific Rim Breach Wars gameplay

When your first look at the game, you will think this is a normal role-playing game, which is something boring. But you were wrong. Pacific Rim Breach Wars is a non-action game where instead you will get familiar match-3 puzzles. You will immediately think of games such as Candy Crush Saga or Ferdinand: Unstoppabull.

Pacific Rim Breach Wars apk

In battle, you have to stack the same shape and color in a horizontal or vertical row. For each of the three symbols, you will receive a point where the robot will attack a monster. The damage of the attack depends on the symbol you eat. So your calculation, the arrangement is very important, decide whether to win or lose. In addition to attack icons, pay attention to eating healing or defending symbols to neutralise enemy attacks.

Pacific Rim Breach Wars is a turn-based game. That is after your turn will be the turn of the monsters. They can also attack you as you attack them. At the end of the match, the survivor will be the winner. Do not forget to use some of the game’s support to overcome some dangerous situations. However, this permission is limited to your use only when absolutely necessary.

Character system

You have to face the 25 species of Kaiju monsters in this game. Each monster not only encounters you in a battle that you have to deal with over the course of several stages can completely destroy them. Complete the daily tasks of Pacific Rim Breach Wars to conquer the noble titles.

More than 50 Jaegers robots are waiting for you to unlock in this game. Each robot has a different power so you have to discover. In addition, the game also has a number of characters with special powers, requiring you to spend money to unlock them. After each battle, you will receive a sum of money from the publisher, using this amount to unlock the character and upgrade the power of the character you own.

In addition to battling monsters, you can also challenge other players around the world through the PvP system. In Pacific Rim Breach Wars, tactics and creativity are factors that help you defeat other players. Climb the highest ranking in the ranking mode, becoming the champion in this fascinating game.


Pacific Rim Breach Wars apk 2

The graphic of this game in 2D is quite simple. I feel like watching the animated superhero when playing Pacific Rim Breach Wars. You will experience fierce battles in colorful cities. The interface of the game is also very simple, making it easy to familiarize.

Should you play Pacific Rim Breach Wars?

In short, though not too well known, Pacific Rim Breach Wars is still a very interesting game. If you are looking for something new, why not try downloading the game and enjoying it! The game supports for iOS and Android.

NOTE: Although its gameplay is classified as offline, you still need a network connection to play this game. Whether it’s an iOS or Android device.

NOTE: Also because this game requires a network connection, I do not post the MOD version of the game to prevent the device from being banished from the game. Sympathy for me. At the bottom is the download link of the original version, you can normally play.

Download Pacific Rim Breach Wars MOD APK for Android (Latest version)

  • Pacific Rim Breach Wars for Android Google Play
  • Pacific Rim Breach Wars for iOS App Store
  • Pacific Rim Breach Wars for Android APK v1.7.2
  • Pacific Rim Breach Wars for Android APK (MOD Enemies Low Attack/Health) v1.7.2
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