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NameOverlords of Oblivion
Latest Version1.0.19
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PlatformsAndroid 4.2, iOS 9.0
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Overlords of Oblivion is a new role-playing game of Neocraft that was released on December 11th, 2018, after a long period of pre-registration. Neocraft is not a very large publisher or has famous games globally. However, this RPG game is highly appreciated by gamers for both graphics and gameplay. The game allows you to participate in the battle between angels and demons, adventure through lands in the fantasy world, defeat giant monsters and become the greatest warrior in history.

Fight to protect humanity

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The battle between Angels and Demons in Heaven still has no sign of ending. When angel wings fall, the world of mankind is the next goal of Lord Mammon and his evil army. Humans have only Eleland, the city of blessing is the last stronghold of humanity. Here, the last battle was fought. “The day when the angel wings fall, an Overlord will appear and end the battle between Angels and Devils.” Can prophecy become reality? Find for the answer in Overlords of Oblivion.

The number of characters is not much

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Overlords of Oblivion characters (called Avatar) are not explicitly divided into classes. You will find warriors, archers, priests, … and some common classes. The player can customize the appearance of the character such as the face, hair, eyes, physique, … This affects the character’s stats. In addition to appearance, each character has a number of passive skills and skills. In some modes, you need at least two Avatar to join.

In addition, the game’s Rune feature allows you to equip refined stones that increase the stats for each Avatar. Each character needs the right equipment for them, ie there is no way that you use swords and then switch to axes or bows. So there is little chance that you can pick up weapons and equipment when participating in Dungeon or PvP arena. The best way to improve your power is to upgrade the available weapons.

PvP arena and Dungeon

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Dungeons in this game are real-time matches, you will hunt monsters and bosses with other online players around the world. These battles require you to have good Co-op and coordinate with your teammates to conquer the most powerful monsters. Continuously upgrade weapons, increase strength and participate in battle battles. You can invite other players in the guild and kill the boss together, earning valuable rewards.

In PvP mode, the game has several modes that allow you to participate in battles with other online players like 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 and even 30v30. 3v3 matches are quite similar to a miniature League of Legends match, in which you and two teammates together attack the opponent’s areas, break the tower and win.

In addition, the game also features a Battle Tower mode to challenge your skills with monsters from easy levels to legends. I was extremely impressed with the mission system. Each mission opens a story, giving players a feeling of attractiveness and seamlessness, through which you will discover the mystery of the game. Join the guild, team ranking, Clash of Ares, the Minotaur maze, collect pet pieces, … Lots of activities for you to explore in Overlords of Oblivion.


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About graphics, it can be said that Overlords of Oblivion is invested quite well. Stunning 3D graphics, amazing voyeuristic effects and great landscapes of the Fantasy world. The interface and controls of the game make it easy to perform tasks on the mobile screen. Besides, the characters in the game are also designed quite in detail. However, the biggest minus point is that some of the minor characters are designed quite sketchily.


Although be an ARPG does not have much special, but Overlords of Oblivion can still make me play for several hours without feeling bored. Beautiful graphics, attractive gameplay, great mission system and engaging storyline. There are many reasons for you to download this game to your phone. Moreover, the game is completely free! Are you ready to adventure in the world of Overlords of Oblivion?

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