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If you think the graphics of the mobile game is not enough for you, then you seem to be wrong. Because I am preparing to introduce you to a blockbuster game valued at $ 13 million for worldwide release rights.

OverHit APK is the latest game released by Nexon not long ago, promoting a turn-based RPG game with an open world, and using the Unreal Engine 4 graphics platform. Bring the most eye-catching images. Currently OverHit is being released by Nexon in all regions for both Android and iOS platforms.

Being one of the most powerful gaming companies in the PC and mobile gaming market, Nexon is the birthplace of blockbuster games, with top graphics, such as Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, HIT, Dragon Nest2: Legend, Ax and recently the graphics masterpiece named OverHit. This game will take players into a vast fantasy world with mysterious adventures, fighting with evil forces to bring peace to the world.

Entering the game, you will have to collect heroic warriors to form your own team to fight against hostile forces. The game features a variety of character systems that are displayed in the form of cards with different power levels. In addition, you are also easy to catch the familiar features to develop your own fighting style.

Overview information

Version1.19.108783 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 5.0

A graphics masterpiece

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Developed with Unreal Engine 4 graphics, OverHit will give players the same feel as a PC game experience. From the object details to the environmental effects or skills of the character is extremely meticulous design. In addition, the character system of OverHit is extremely diverse, players will be able to recruit, gather their team of warriors, mages or good generals, strengthen the strength of the team and Explore the distant lands as well as fight the evil forces.

Of course, to experience this great you need a smartphone with strong configuration. But at the recent press conference, Nexon also announced that the game will have a lower configuration option for the old smartphone.


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In terms of gameplay, OverHit is built with the fundamentals of a turn-based RPG game, accompanied by a flexible team-based system that allows players to streamline and control their multiplayer the use of the skill at will. The items gained after each battle will be used to upgrade, improve the equipment or improve the level of the character. When reaching certain milestones, the game system will unlock new features, modes, and new challenges.

OverHit is focused on both sides of PvE and PvP, from adventuring, or participating in guilds, arena, or with teammates and friends to team up to fight bosses.

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It’s time to download OverHit for Android/iOS

The most unfavorable for those who want to experience this blockbuster game is the language barrier as well as the release area. Since Nexon has just released OverHit in Korea, so you in the outside world want to experience the need to convert your Apple ID to Korea, or if you are an Android user, download the free APK to install on your phone. In time to come, the game will be further refined in other languages and released globally and you can easily download and play it.

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