Otherworld Legends MOD APK 1.5.6 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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The MOD APK version (Unlimited Money, Unlocked) of Otherworld Legends was released on APKMODY. Download the game to explore and destroy the illusory world of evil Asurendra.

Overview information

NameOtherworld Legends
Version1.5.6 (build 11560)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Unlocked [Details]
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Introduce about Otherworld Legends

ChillyRoom is a publisher known for 16-bit graphics action games. The first demonstration is the Soul Knight, which debuted in early 2017. Three years later, ChillyRoom continued to publish a new product called Otherworld Legends. Currently, the game has officially launched. Many players have experienced it and have left positive reviews.


The story of Otherworld Legends begins with the event that the villain Asurendra creates an illusionary world. Immediately after, he used his power to summon all the heroes from space and time gathered here.

Otherworld Legends Storyline

Monsters, deadly traps are arranged everywhere. And behind all of that is a plot to dominate the dimensions of Asurendra’s dimensions, right after the heroes are destroyed.

You are one of those heroes, you soon become aware of that brutal conspiracy. You will have to stop it along with other heroes!


The gameplay of Otherworld Legends is quite similar to Soul Knight. You control your character, go through trails and dungeons to defeat hordes of monsters.

Otherworld Legends Gameplay 1

Over time, the bosses of each stage will appear at the end. Overcoming them, you will be taken to the next stage, taking one more step out of the evil Asurendra’s illusory world.

Of course, the general process of the game will play out like that. But you know, the difficulty gradually increases with each level. Meanwhile, traps and supernatural elements will appear, attacking the character and injuring him. You will have to do many things to save your life, from choosing characters for each level, upgrading strength or replacing more powerful weapons.

Finally, about the series of missions. Otherworld Legends does not have as many NPCs as Soul Knight, but the game is built with a system of basic missions, closely attached to the plot. You just get to discover the content, and you get rewards every time you complete it. Interestingly, right?


Characters in Otherworld Legends are an element that helps you win the confrontation. They come from different dimensions of space and time, so their abilities are truly unique and rich. The collection includes warriors, knights, mages, ninjas, archers, up to magic masters. You should learn the strengths of each character, then choose the characters with the right ability to fight in each level.

Otherworld Legends Hero Screen

Although I don’t remember each character’s names, archers and mages are my favorite types of warriors. They can attack from afar while moving flexibly.

Ninja and warriors are different, they are strong and have the fastest damage speed. Soon, you will see how effective their ability is, when you fight against an army of monsters.


According to statistics, Otherworld Legends has more than 90 types of items that you can collect and equip your character. It could be armor, defensive shields, weapons or material fragments.

From what I experience, the weapon system is really rich. There are many types, from armored gloves, swords, bows and arrows, to the drill bit. However, that is not all, as the game also allows you to merge them to create new weapons, with higher attribute points and special abilities.


Many people believe that the 16-bit graphics platform is unattractive and does not provide a good experience. But if you have known Otherworld Legends before, you will know that the claims above are not really true, at least for this game.

Otherworld Legends Lobby

Still a characteristic of 16 bits graphics, there are not many sharp details but the effect of the game is designed in detail. From sources of light, energy, fire or thunder will make you feel excited. This factor contributes significantly to the simulation of the fierce battle.

Besides, the game handles the movement smoothly, combined with the background music to create a mysterious space and full of dangers.

MOD APK version of Otherworld Legends

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Soul Stone
  • Unlimited Ruby
  • Unlimited Sapphire
  • Unlimited Weapon Enhancer Cards
  • Unlimited Resurrection Cards
  • Unlocked All Heroes
  • Unlocked All Skills
  • Unlocked All Style
  • Unlocked Club Membership

How to install and use the MOD version of Otherworld Legends

Please make sure to remove the original version of the game before installing. Then you can install the MOD like other regular APK files.

If you stuck at 50%, it means you haven’t installed OBB or set up it wrong!

This is an exclusive MOD version by APKMODY, please comment if you have any questions or requests. Hope you will not experience any problems during the game.


Why does the MOD version have no OBB?

In order for everyone to easily install the MOD version, APKMODY has included OBB inside the APK.

The game has a too-long story, is there a way to pass quickly?

Yes, you just need to follow the instructions below:

1. Open the game.
2. When the story begins to show up, you turn off the game.
3. Re-open the game.

Note: There are some devices that have a game freeze when skipping the plot. If this happens, delete the game and reinstall it. Then play storyline as normal.

Why is there no God Mode version?

Simply, immortal is not fun in this game!

Download Otherworld Legends MOD APK for Android

Following Soul Knight from graphics to gameplay, but Otherworld Legends still has its own identity with unique content and features. You can download the MOD APK version of this game on our website for some support features. Please leave a comment if you encounter problems using the MOD version, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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  • nonnenwerth avatar
    Leon Zhou

    Can we please unlock the skins that require money? thanks

    • lall-250294 avatar
      Luis Lozano

      Yes please!!! Or enable the buying option if not possible

  • marcelobibimbap21 avatar
    Jayvee Valencia

    Can u do a god mode? 🙂 Thanks!

    • gianpagtama avatar
      gian Pagtama

      They wont do it cause that’s too lame

  • nonnenwerth avatar
    Leon Zhou

    Helloo there I am having a lot of fun with this mod but because I am dumb and lazy and don’t know how to mod anything I wanted ask if there is a way to make an item spawner

  • nonnenwerth avatar
    Leon Zhou

    Hello! Thank you for making this because I am having a lot of fun playing this game. Because I don’t know how to mod games, I wanted to ask: Is there a way to mod a item spawner?

  • ashmoong-10 avatar
    AshMoon Galaxy

    Hello to the creator/s of this mod. I don’t know if it’s just on my phone but when I open the app it crash. I extract the obb properly and install the apk. I tried to uninstall it and extract, install it again, and also tried to download the apk and obb again but it still crashes. Although it’s not working on my phone, I would like to say Thank you for creating and sharing this mod :).

    • apkmody avatar

      Updated a new version, please download and check again if the problem still exists!

    • ashmoong-10 avatar
      AshMoon Galaxy

      Thank you for the update, but the problem still exist on my phone, but it’s ok. Btw, I read the instruction again and number 4 instruction stated: Copy the folder com.chillyroom.zhmr.gp to Android/obb. Make sure that when you open the Android/obb/com.chillyroom.zhmr.gp folder, you see the main.xxx.com.chillyroom.zhmr.gp.obb file inside. But when I check my android/obb/com.chillyroom.zhmr.gp folder the only file that inside is main. 10809.com.chillyroom.z.

    • apkmody avatar

      Please download the updated version again!

    • ashmoong-10 avatar
      AshMoon Galaxy

      Hello again to the creator/s of this mod. I download and install the new update but it is still crash maybe the mod is not compatible with my phone. I tried the original from playstore and it works perfectly fine, and I tried the other mod of this game from the other site just to try if it will work on my phone but the game is also crashing. Btw, Thank you so much for the effort just to fix the problem.

    • apkmody avatar

      So I think this is a device problem.

    • apkmody avatar

      Please give me your phone name, I will check if I can make the MOD works for you.

    • ashmoong-10 avatar
      AshMoon Galaxy

      Hello to the creators. I would like to say that the mod is working now on my phone, I don’t know what happen but it works perfectly fine now. So Thank you so much…😊

    • lall-250294 avatar
      Luis Lozano

      Hi, sorry to bother you, you have done an excellent job 😀
      I just want to ask if is possible to unlock the skins with your mod since in app store is disabled and there’s no way to buy them