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NameOne Piece: Burning Will
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One Piece: Burning Will is a 3D RPG game for Android phones and tablets. Unfortunately, Bandai Namco Shanghai has only released it in China and has no intention of expanding to the international market.

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Introduce about One Piece: Burning Will

The game takes the original plot from the famous manga series One Piece. Many characters familiar with Luffy that are Zoro, Chopper, Nami, Robin… appear in the game. Players will join One Piece characters on an adventure across the vast Ocean in the era of pirates.

Up until now, games that have been adapted from manga to video games have never let us down. Even though they are saturated, the developers always have their own way in the gameplay. One Piece: Burning Will too, they tried to make a game that combines many genre with top-notch graphics for a mobile game.

The story

As I said, the plot of the game follows the original. You accompany Luffy at sea with the goal of becoming the pirate king. To do that, first need to find more teammates. First Zoro, Nami, Sanji then the other members (according to the original story) and begin their journey. The development of the story and the opponents you face will not change, you will meet characters like Morgan, the Clown Buggy… to invite more characters to join the crew.

One Piece Burning Will for Android

With the original storyline, you will experience this great anime once again in One Piece: Burning Will. But the developer had a great creation. They redesigned all the characters, animations. This means that as you experience the plot, the characters are animated and move to give you a more realistic feel. This is just the first surprise for players.


Usually when running the plot, if the characters are animated and move, you will definitely think One Piece: Burning Will has the same gameplay as MMORPG games. But no, the game is in the turn-based genre like Onmyoji. First, the character with the higher speed is allowed to attack first. Each move consumes energy. And of course, the stronger the move, the more energy you spend. Therefore, think carefully before each of your decisions.

Make sure you read the characters’ skills before adding them to the squad. Learning how to build squads is also important for games like this. You need to learn how to balance the power between the characters, analyze the opponent’s strength to find a suitable squad.

Upgrade your characters to increase strength

Like many other RPG games, One Piece: Burning Will also has a level system for characters. The strength of the team will decide everything. There are many things you need to upgrade to increase your power, usually mainly character upgrades.

Many players make the mistake of trying to power up all their characters equally. If you are a F2P player, your resources are not enough for you to do that. Therefore, give all resources to 1 or 2 main characters for them to carry. As for the rest of the characters, focus on upgrading their defense because most of the characters have AOE damage skills. Although not too strong, but those characters still have a good influence on the battle, as a tanker or support.

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Basically, you upgrade your character’s strength in the Upgrade and Equipment section. These are the two things you should focus on first because it greatly affects the character’s stats. Next is Surpass and Skills, possessing many skills that can help you create many combo tactics with teammates. Initimate is a collectible power-up feature, some characters are linked together and gain strength when you own those characters in the squad. In addition, the game has a lot of other features to increase power.

Explore the open world of One Piece

Another plus point for this game is the combination of open world elements. Unlike other RPG games, you only need to interact with the screen, choose some skills for the character to perform on their own. In this game, you can meet other players, participate in online activities, form squads, etc. To fight with the enemy you also need to get close to talk before the start of the match. And the character you control does not have to be Luffy, you can choose anyone you like.


This game also has a gacha feature. You will have to rely on luck to own the characters you want. Of course, there are also Tier Lists from previous players. At the beginning, One Piece: Burning Will also gives newbies a lot of tickets, you can reroll by creating a new account to receive your favorite character.

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As for the graphics, there is no doubt to Bandai Namco games. The visual design and animation are impeccable. All characters are modeled 1:1 into the game and move almost like in the anime One Piece. The skill effect is also very beautiful, you will feel like you are experiencing an AAA graphics game.

Download One Piece: Burning Will APK for Android

This is one of the anime adaptations games with the best graphics on mobile. If you are a fan of anime, especially One Piece, do not miss the pirate battles in One Piece: Burning Will.

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