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Once Upon a Tower APK + MOD (Unlimited Diamonds, Unlocked) v42

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NameOnce Upon a Tower
Package Namecom.pomelogames.TowerGame
PublisherPomelo Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds, Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Once Upon a Tower MOD APK, the game from Pomelo Games, will bring you minutes of bustling entertainment with epic Indie adventure tunneling.

Introduce about Once Upon a Tower

Escape from the crazy tower in Adventure indie offline game with a top-down view.


The reason for you to start your adventure in Once Upon a Tower is not unexpected, still related to the princess, the knight, and the ghost who kidnapped the princess (here the raging fire dragon). But the irony here is that when the princess was still imprisoned on the roof of the ghost tower, our knight was swallowed by the big dragon. So it was impossible not to, the princess was forced to exercise on her own. The knight was already asleep, but fortunately, before he died he left a hammer. With it in hand, the princess will try to escape from the cell at the top: The hammer can’t do anything to the iron frame outside, nor can she help with the solid brick foundation of the tower. But hey, below the platform, there’s an earthen space where the princess can smash it through with a hammer and go down to the floor below.

The princess master adventure begins here.

Your task in the game is simple to use tools to dig through the layers of soil, to slowly go down to the lower tower floors. Finally, you will face the demonic dragon that thought it was still sleeping on the top of the tower. The final battle, it turns out, is the battle of the princess herself and the fierce fire dragon.


Once Upon a Tower is an offline indie roguelike mobile game. Everything takes place in the Middle Ages, the same kind of dungeon top-down, dark stuff but a lot more fun and funny than you know about this game genre.

The useless knight in this story, before he died due to the fire dragon, left the princess with a hammer. When playing, you just need to pick up the hammer to find places where it can break to go through another floor. Including breaking the floor, breaking the wall, smashing the heads of the little demons in the tower. But always be careful because the dragon from the outside can suddenly shoot fire through the iron frames of the tower, causing you to burn down without any armor. Or countless pitfalls planted here and there: pits, fireballs … in the tower can also cause you to die suddenly.

Each time you resurrect you can have a new form of the princess, a different version to bring new excitement even when you have to play from the beginning. Once Upon a Tower is also a stripped-down version of roguelike, which you don’t have to collect too much, staying loyal to your ever-reviving weapon: the sledgehammer. You don’t carry your questions around for fear of dying and losing everything like roguelike games because all you always have is just a sledgehammer.

In addition, each resurrection brings a new face. The roguelike in here doesn’t make me uncomfortable, but it’s a bit curious in a rather humorous way. And that is also the point I find very interesting about this game.

The lower the floors go down, the more mean the enemies become. The dragon is angry, the traps are dense, the minions appear constantly to disturb your escape process. Initially, the princess can relax a little hands-free, later you will be much busier, with a lot of traps and enemies during the day.

Besides, the deeper you go, the more power-ups you get to make the princess stronger. With more experience accumulated through previous trips, you will find yourself passing the above stages easily, and continue to return to the old place to fight more fiercely with the minions in the tower.

Graphics and sound

The characters in the game have pretty funny shapes. Playing Once Upon a Tower is very relaxing, you will laugh happily and be satisfied with the game scenes. Even if you die, it will not be too inhibited like many games of the same genre.

Medieval background with colorful cartoon style, something classic but still compact, definitive, and modern. The princess character has many lovely shapes, sometimes soft and graceful with long hair, sometimes with dark brown hair, sometimes short, sometimes tall. Each one has a different attack and moves that make it attractive.

Traps and enemies are also very rich, and the color combination in the game will continuously take you on a long adventure but never get tired.

MOD APK version of Once Upon a Tower

MOD features

  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlocked Characters

Download Once Upon a Tower APK & MOD for Android

Let’s play Once Upon a Tower and plan with the princess to dig a tunnel to escape from the skyscraper, freeing herself from the evil fire dragon. To make this self-defection, you make good use of your sharp skills. Because as I said before, the game is funny and fun but it’s not easy, the later it gets harder.

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