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NameOcean Is Home: Survival Island
Package Namecom.birdydogstudio.oceanishome
PublisherBirdy Dog Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island MOD APK is a survival game on a deserted island but in a completely new way. Why so? Please continue reading the next section to understand.

Introduce about Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Your only goal – to survive!

Same but different

Being stuck in bustle city with noisy traffic and tall buildings makes you feel tired. Do you want to leave it all and find out a solitary place to enjoy a wonderful life? Let me introduce to you a game that make your dream comes true!

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island is basically the same as the island survival games you’ve played. The only task is to do everything, help your character survive the harsh weather conditions, nature on the deserted island, and overcome all the dangers spread everywhere.

Ocean Is Home Survival Island APK download

However, you won’t stop at the level of going around, finding things, and wondering to do this and that every day. Ocean Is Home: Survival Island allows you to build even more “sublime” things such as houses, bases, arsenals and crafting facilities. Be free to make a car to drive around the island or build some advanced rifles to fight the enemies on the island.


For some reasons, you have been drifted on a deserted island. The game begins when you realize you must find a way to survive in this place. You will have to find food, build houses, or collect resources, craft all the necessary tools, vehicles, and weapons. Whatever you do, in the end, being alive is everything.

When playing, you can go everywhere and explore the vast environment around. Feel free to collect the necessary tools and craft them yourself. Over time, skill level increases, you can create a lot of advanced technology, even different means of transport to move back and forth, and act more easily on the island.


If this situation happened in real life, what would you do first? Probably just like in the game, we must gather resources, harvest wood, and stone because all of these are basic. You will need them to build houses, craft items, basic weapons and produce electricity. The house is for safety, shelter from the sun and rain, and a place to create stuffs. Weapons are used for hunting, self-defense, and fishing. Tools are for finding food, growing crops, farming, storing water.

Quality of life gradually improves. You are also used to the idea of living and existing here, even like permanent residence. That thought gradually helps you to change your life motto, actively tinkering to do more things to survive, adapt, improve your life, and capture everything in the deserted island. You start thinking about more complex things like generating electricity, putting everything together to make a complete farm, building a house to specialize in making tools. Then improve the production of specialized means of transportation to comfortably go around the island.

Ocean Is Home Survival Island for Android

For fear that something dangerous suddenly hit the island, you are busy crafting weapons, building a massive base, and transforming your home into a modern, advanced, and full of food and energy reserves.

Survival principles

When playing, always keep in mind the principle: keep a close eye on the character’s survival stats, including Life, Eating, Health and Spirit. Just one of these four indicators drops, you will be at risk of facing death.

The Life stat decreases when you are directly affected by the body: attacked by an animal, fell from a car… This can recover gradually over time; it will be faster if there is more support from natural medicines.

The Eating stat reflects the character’s hunger and thirst. And the only way for this stat to be healthy again is to have more food, drink, and rest.

Health is an indicator that can be affected from within, such as colds, poisoning, or exhaustion because of harsh weather on the island. The way to recover is rest, dietary supplements, and medication.

Finally, there is the Spirit index, which shows the body’s ability to be optimistic and refreshing. When this index drops, the best way to revive the spirit is to go to sleep and rest.

Graphics and sound

In addition to beautiful 3D graphics, the colors in this survival game are very bright. Just this point can light up the optimism in the players, so they will start things off as enthusiastically as possible.

Character movement and manipulation are one of the crucial factors that make up the quality of a simulation game. In Ocean Is Home: Survival Island, you will feel as if you are doing everything yourself. First-person perspective, diverse and realistic, near and far, automatically adjusts for you to comfortably observe your surroundings. The DIY process takes place vividly with good physics simulation and reasonable player connection. It can drag you from one thing to another.

Ocean Is Home Survival Island MOD by APKMODY

The character’s feelings and emotions are also portrayed quite deeply, especially when facing pain from within the body. You can see the character grimacing in pain and feel the loneliness very clearly at times like this.

Sound is also a big interest in. You’ll hear the occasional crashing waves, the wind whistling through the roofs, the craft of tools, the running footsteps of wild animals while being chased, the suffocating sounds of an injured character, the sound of a character being injured… It seems that the sound of life has run all into this one game.

MOD APK version of Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins

Download Ocean Is Home: Survival Island APK & MOD for Android

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island has chosen its own path to stand out and be different from many other survival games. You not only live, but also work hard, enhance, and modernize everything, making yourself a true island lord. Everything can be a bit over the top in real life, but a high-class survival experience like this is worth a try.

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  • johnmarklagare52 avatar
    Johnmark Lagare

    I like this game very much but theres a little problem i suggest to the developer of this game is to add more facility and more zombie and this is the last request improve the house and make it bigger place that’s all and thank you

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