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Nu: Carnival APK is a role-playing game from Taiwan with the main character being a series of model male characters that any girl’s heart would flutter when she saw it.

Introduce about Nu: Carnival

We’ve all heard of the Waifu, the virtual female characters in the game that make players crazy. On the other hand, there are also ideal male images in the game that make thousands of girls sob. It’s called Husbandos.

What if all the models that make the girls’ hearts flutter, now gather as much as a festival, each with a look with an outfit that can’t be more “sexy”. If you want to know how exciting everything is, we invite you to try a game that is very famous on mobile, Nu: Carnival.


In the game, in front of you is a modern world, where a handsome male character appears. This is the first time you get to meet the main character, who you are playing: Eide, a young man who is a toy designer. One day while at work, Eiden came across a crystal with strange gravity. Hold it in hand, Eiden was immediately drawn into a fantasy world, where he will first meet two of Huey’s summoners and then a bunch of other strange boys along the way. They have different looks, skills and powers, and very unusual personalities. But they all have the same purpose. This purpose has an uncanny connection to your roots.

Long ago, the Klein Continent was ravaged by the world’s most terrible monsters. Fortunately, the great Mage Huey appeared in time and built 5 towers on 5 continents. Each tower has a huge powerful gem that allows it to control and seal the unbalanced elements, thereby suppressing the Elemental monsters making it impossible for them to raise their heads and harass anymore.

Twenty years ago, Archmage Huey suddenly disappeared. 5 towers are now deserted, magic also follows him. The Elemental monsters of the Dead Lands had a chance to roam again. This time they were even stronger and spread faster than before.

But again, thanks to the luck of mankind, Huey before disappearing left behind 2 powerful summoning characters. These two will replace him to find a new hero, a true descendant to help save this world. That person is Eiden, the character you are playing, who is in another modern world and does not know what happened and his “powerful” status.

From a carefree ordinary person, in a moment your life takes a turn. Now, like it or not, you still have to work hard to practice, fight and become a true messianic hero, with the support of a series of male characters appearing in the game.

What does Nu: Carnival have?

Exploiting individual male images, with beautiful and melancholy looks, each with a different look, temperament, and demeanor, but the common point is that they are all very “lady-killer”. In a nutshell, if you’re a female, no matter “who’s your taste”, play this game, sooner or later you will fall for one (or several) male characters.

Because Nu: Carnival is a place where you can freely see boys, admire the beauty, physique, delicate look on your face, interact, get to know each person, and jointly develop the deep storyline that the game offers.

The second advantage comes from the novel gameplay of Nu: Carnival. The interactive novel game with male characters is not strange to you, but there are many male characters and everyone is sexy like this, this is the first time. The form of gacha role-playing is not new, but gacha full of dreamy boys (instead of attractive girls) is a rare commodity. Because of this new sexy, Nu: Carnival also causes a lot of controversies, especially the situation in which the big movie industry like China is banning passionate works. But the more controversial, the more interesting it is and everyone is trying to find it.


The role-playing element is one of the coolest parts of this pretty picture and sexy character game. The fantasy world of Klein Continent is divided into 4 zones: Land of Light, Land of Water, Land of Jungle, and Dead Zone. As Aiden, you will go through each land in turn, using the Gacha system to collect heroes, assemble a team to fight Monsters, clean the land and restore the inherent balance. Each character has its own story, the past has many things to learn, the body is so attractive.

When playing Nu: Carnival, you will go from surprise to surprise when witnessing handsome characters that the game brings in turn. In addition to Eiden as the main male character, we also have a series of unforgettable characters such as Aster, Morley, Yakumo, Edmund, Olivin, Quincy, Kuya, and Garu… They are of all kinds from different lands: Vampires, warriors, werewolves, knights… Your task is to coordinate with these characters to take advantage of each person’s strength and advantage, to defeat monsters quickly. Each group will have a maximum of 5 heroes. Through battles, each hero’s strength, abilities, and abilities will increase according to their respective natures. This principle holds when fighting normal monsters, small bosses, and even the final boss of the game.

But if that’s all, is Nu: Carnival any different from a normal fighting role-playing gacha game? The interesting thing about the players here is that with each character, you can witness vivid movements. The handsome characters in strange costumes, quite a lack of cloth with a hair are dazzling and bouncy, women-only look infatuated.

Not only that, but players can also optionally choose the male characters in their collection to wear with different costumes and nude clothes. Who you like, the more you interact with that character, the more intimacy increases, the relationship will gradually turn to a new state.

Nu: Carnival also has many side quests to unlock side stories with each character. There are even scenes of mature adults, lively but not shy. So the game is not for children.

When playing Nu: Carnival, you should use headphones. You will have to blush because of the gasps even in the very transparent situation of the characters. You also need to pay attention to enjoy the attractive, low-pitched sexy voices of the guys here.

Download Nu: Carnival APK for Android

Nu: Carnival is not for everyone, has many adult scenes, creates a sexy husbando, the plot is quite deep, the role-playing element is clear. But on top of that, you can find all your ideal male role models in this game. Play this game if you like it.

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