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Latest Version1.1.07_5612
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PlatformsAndroid 4.4
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NTales: Child of Destiny is a complete MMORPG. This game was developed for mobile devices. Ever since its debut, NTales: Child of Destiny has easily conquered the most demanding gamers in the Philippines and Australia; Games are raining on the application stores of these two countries. NTales: Child of Destiny by onPlay Corp of the Philippines was released and developed by a South Korean studio that is quite new to the gaming community called Rulemakr.

The successes and positive feedback from the players helped Rulemakr decide to launch a new full-fledged NTales: Child of Destiny game; This game supports both iOS and Android operating systems. Possesses traditional 2D graphics alongside a series of other extreme 3D graphics, but NTales: Child of Destiny once again demonstrates that graphics are not everything.


Come to NTales: Child of Destiny, players will be immersed in the beauty and peaceful country, Lancia. However, this place is being invaded by the forces of darkness threatening the survival of the kingdom. Join the colorful, adventure with the characters to rescue the beautiful kingdom, destroy the dark forces and prevent the conspiracy to destroy the kingdom of the evil doctor. Dr.Deff.

Characters system

ntales child of destiny characters

NTales: Child Of Destiny provides players with nine classes of characters including Warrior, Necromancer, Magician, Cleric, Demon Hunter, Knight, Saint, Sorcerer, and Berserker. Each character has completely different attributes, giving the player the most engaging experience. There are a lot of power systems for you to choose from such as Fighting, Gunslingers, Masters, Assassins, etc. Each character has his own style of play, their own equipment along with a certain role in every match. However, NTales: Child of Destiny allows players to easily customize their equipment and gameplay style, all of which create endless variety in the game.


ntales child of destiny

Your journey is just beginning. The game revolves around the open combat system based on the familiar plot of the role-playing game. Here you will discover the beautiful Lancia country, fight the fulfillment of the mission of the game and bring about valuable trophies. There are many things to do in this game: PVP battles, PVE; And also the super difficult challenges in Infinity Tower mode, Boss Dungeon, Time Dungeon and Pet Island Summon. The gameplay of NTales: Child of Destiny is sure to be the perfect addictive for the first time.

In real-time PvP mode, the game allows you to connect with any player in the world. Fight, knock down all enemies and climb to the top of the glory. If you do not like to play alone, invite your teammates to join in Team or Guild Wars. Especially, with 200 maps with a series of extremely hard Boss will take you a lot of time to conquer it. Make friends, exchange and break the hardest stages, bring tons of gold, experience the rare items and equipment.

The money from the game provides you with the items needed such as fast-moving, revival items, and gears. The gacha boxes will provide equipment or pets. Equipment can be obtained when fighting; The pet can only be obtained from the gacha boxes.

2D Graphics

NTales Child of Destiny 2

About the graphics of NTales: Child of Destiny, this game is built in a classic 2D style, giving a feeling that is both familiar and unfamiliar to longtime gamers. In addition, chibi-style characters, cute anime and beautiful fighting effects. Both the protagonist design and the villain appear great. In particular, in the game you also have a fun companion through the pet system of games. All created a game that you can not miss.

Another thing to say is that the game interface allows you to create shortcuts for use in combat.

Final thought

After the game, I was completely conquered by this game. Although the graphics of the game are not as beatiful as the games on the market, NTales: Child of Destiny showed not coincidentally that this game topped the app store since the first release.

In short, NTales: Child of Destiny is a 2D action MMO that is completely different from the existing games in the store. If the gameplay and gameplay appeal of this game appeals to you, you really will not regret trying this game. Game support for both Android and iOS platforms, you can download the game on the link below to easily experience this great game, including the APK file for those you can not download from Google Play.

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  • NTales : Child of Destiny for Android APK - v1.1.07_5612

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