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Nobodies: Murder cleaner MOD APK (No Ads) is a puzzle adventure game with a different color that you will not find anywhere other than the studio of publisher Blyts. If you feel curious, start looking for the truth now.

Introduce about Nobodies: Murder cleaner

“Proud of what we do and we love it”. This is the introduction and also a strong affirmation of the quality of Blyts products. Nobodies: Murder cleaner is one of the best games you may want to experience. It is built on a horror theme and has a gameplay that makes players use their minds thoroughly. There are many ways to solve a problem, but only one way is effective. You will be convinced by this view if you try the game that I am referring to in this article.

The story begins

According to information about the first mission, the context of Nobodies: Murder cleaner takes place when the world is preparing to face the pandemic. The Q-100 terrorist organization has discovered a new virus and is about to release it for testing. Thanks to espionage, the government soon discovered and planned to prevent it. It was the killing of key members of the Q-100 to disband them. The assassins will be responsible for this, and they need you to clean up the traces left when they leave.


By the name, perhaps you have somewhat guessed the style of play that Blyts designed. I will explain briefly more clearly the goals to be achieved and what you need to do. As a brief overview of the previous context, you will follow the assassins. They kill, you clean up the bodies of those killed. The purpose of this is to prevent the detection of terrorists. Until all the key members were killed, your mission is complete.

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So how to play? There is a corpse in every scene or mission and you need to think of a way to let no one know that there was a murder that happened here. To do this, you need to use tools and items in the crime scene. The most intuitive example is the first mission I received. It was an abandoned construction site, with concrete mixers, water, sand, cement and uncovered pillars. I thought about putting the victim’s body inside and filling it up. This is really working and I have passed the mission.

Talking about the control, it is simply touching and dragging items on the screen. If you want to pick up something, just touch it. If you want to use something, go to the inventory, then select and put it where you want to use it. I took the body, dropped it into a concrete pole, then picked up pliers and cut his body to pieces so it fits the pole. I picked up a bucket, put it under the tap to get water and pulled it into the mixer, along with the ingredients needed to make the concrete. And the problem is solved.

Do not leave traces

Do not take anything, because it can be a fatal mistake. Someone will detect the changes and pay attention to the disappearance of the victim. Therefore, the mission will not be completed. In the previous example I mentioned, when I took a pair of scissors and forgot to return it, the system issued warnings about risks. So, remember to return the items to their original position before something bad happens. One last thing to remember is to leave no trace. It could be his victim’s shirt or his bloodstains.

Become a professional killer

There are many options to solve a dead body. However, which is the most effective, cleanest way and leaves no evidence that someone has ever been killed? Blyts built their game in a logical way, so only one outcome was accepted. You cannot play in a random direction. If you try and fail, you have to play again. The system will issue warnings about unreasonable things (for example, it does not work, cannot combine unrelated items, or you can not get water into a bucket unless the water source is opened).

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Think faster, show your resourcefulness and intelligence in the face of a problem. If you can’t solve them, try to find a new, more effective and rational approach based on items available on the scene.


Most of the scene scenes in Nobodies: Murder cleaner are hand-painted. This shows the devotion of the developer to this game, and also shows wholeheartedly for the player to have a better experience. Moreover, about the details as well as the context, they are designed based on real events, so you can experience this game and get the most realistic feeling, suspense, anxiety and drama.

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MOD APK version of Nobodies: Murder cleaner

Why is the MOD version needed?

In the process of solving puzzles, you will sometimes make mistakes and have to return to the previous operation. When you undo an action, nasty ads will appear before you can continue your game.

The MOD version will solve that.

MOD Feature

No Ads: The MOD version of APKMODY makes your experience smoother when you are no longer bothered by ads.

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Hiding the body is an art of covering up the atrocities. Blyts recreates real events about human experiments in the 1950s and 1960s through a puzzle adventure game, Nobodies: Murder cleaner. Are you ready to explore it, and solve tricky puzzles?

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