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No Way To Die: Survival APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.23

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NameNo Way To Die: Survival
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 7.0

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Introduce about No Way To Die: Survival

No Way To Die: Survival is a survival game developed by OpenMyGame developer. Different from games like PUBG or FreeFire, this game is set in a world almost destroyed after the apocalypse.

Not only face the exhaustion of food and water resources, but you also have to fight off against aggressive zombies and dangerous mutants. Therefore, you need to prepare a “steel” spirit to be ready to participate in this fierce survival battle.


A few years ago, a mysterious asteroid hit the Earth. This collision almost destroyed all living things on the blue planet, including humans.

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Fortunately, a small number of people survived in time thanks to shelter in underground tunnels. The main character is one of those survivors. However, things almost completely changed after the collision. Faced with a nightmare of the scarcity of food and water, you also have to cope with aggressive mutants. Will the protagonist give up or keep trying to the last breath?

Search for food

In No Way To Die: Survival, your character is modelled with the same mechanism of physical activity as in real life. Meaning that the movement in the game will cause the character to consume physical strength. Without a source of food and water, your character could die of hunger or thirst.

Inside the forest, there are many berries and mushrooms that can be collected. But if you want quick replenishment and more energy, you should make weapons to hunt. This is one of the mechanisms that make the game more challenging, as the animals now no longer fear and run away. They can attack you to survive.

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Initially, you will be provided with axes and hoes to exploit clay, stone, ore or cut trees to harvest timber in the forest. Resources can be found in many different locations, and collecting them is an important factor to keep alive in No Way To Die: Survival. Sometimes you will come across a chest or an abandoned car, do not ignore them because it may contain something useful.

Please don’t die!

Abandoned houses and basements are the only safe place for you in the apocalyptic world. When you leave this small base, be ready to encounter dangerous creatures such as bloodthirsty zombies, mutated animals or symbiotic creatures.

The common point is that they are all very aggressive and can defeat you with a single bite. When you are weaker in strength, you need to have a smart strategy so that you are less vulnerable as possible. Use weapons, combined with environmental factors to defeat them as quickly as possible.

Craft weapons

Weapons are essential items to help you cope with the dangers. Gather the appropriate materials scattered in the abandoned factory areas, thereby creating weapons, armor and other useful equipment.

Even on a higher level, you can set up a production facility with manufacturing stations just below your basement. These devices are not only high-damage weapons, but they also help you handle the raw resources you earn.

Build your base

Once you have a stable supply of food, water, and weapons, you need to think about repairing and upgrading your base. This will help increase the defence and protect you from monsters at night. Also, setting up a trap system is also a good idea.

Explore the apocalyptic world

Coming to No Way To Die: Survival, you not only learn how to survive after the end of the world. The mystery of the asteroid’s collision with the Earth will gradually be revealed. One the journey, you will unlock new locations and they will give you more useful information.

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Currently, No Way To Die: Survival has 50 levels for characters. You will have to gain experience points by surviving and defending your home from symbiotic creatures and zombies to unlock more exciting content.

Revealing, Dawn of Zombies and Last Day on Earth: Survival are also built with the same gameplay.

MOD APK version of No Way To Die: Survival

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Download No Way To Die: Survival MOD APK for Android

Attractive, thrilling and challenging are what people say about No Way To Die: Survival. The born of this game as a new breeze for the genre of survival is gradually saturated today. Please download and install the APK or MOD APK file via the link below to join this game.

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