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Ninja Kid MOD APK v20.0 (Unlimited Gold/All Swords Unlocked)

Ninja Kid (MOD Unlimited Gold/All Sword Unlocked) is an adventure RPG game comes from the G4M publisher. This is a game similar to Ninja School, a legendary game on Symbian.


Summary about Ninja Kid MOD APK

NameNinja Kid
Genre, ,
Latest Version20.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/All Swords Unlocked
PlatformsAndroid 5.0
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I can be sure that Ninja School has been associated with so many childhoods. Participating in the game, you will play the role of a Ninja guy, have mysterious moves and have extraordinary abilities on the journey to becoming the number one Ninja. Ninja Kid also has the same story, you will play as a student Hiroya Oda, studying at Shuriken school. This is where the kids learn how to become a true Ninja, students here will be trained both in strength, patience, and intelligence. And to become the best Ninja you have to overcome challenges in the process of training.

The path to becoming the best Ninja

The game has a very interesting and engaging storyline. Shuriken School, where you are studying has a lot of good Ninjas, so the road to your dream will be difficult. In the training there, you will have to face a lot of difficult challenges. A ninja never backed away from difficulties and never gave up. Complete all assigned missions to become the best ninja.

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Maybe you are also familiar with the Ninja world through Ninja School game. However, Ninja Kid possesses a much larger and more diverse world than Ninja School. This is also the point that the G4M publisher can confidently claim that his game is the complete version of that top-notch Java game. Your character can equip the unique and new weapons of the Ninja world. Not only that, but the character can also learn the magic and skills of a superior Ninja.


The highlight of the game is also in simple control. Like other action games, on the left side of the screen will be the touch joystick button so you can move the character to your liking. Next, the right side of the screen will be an interactive button, an attack button, a button that uses skills and buttons to use healing items such as blood, chakra, etc. When you are in a battle mode, right will be the buttons to fight. When you are in a safe place, the right will be the interaction button (chat, room, ..).

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Ninja Kid has a mission system for you to train and become the strongest Ninja. The system will arrange tasks depending on your level and strength so that you can complete them. However, sometimes there will be high-level tasks for you to let you show your abilities and stimulate players.

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In addition, the game also has a number of tasks that you must do with your teammates. So, get along with the Ninja in the school, search for your own teammates. To accomplish such tasks requires cooperation. Thus, you not only need to practice individually but also have to practice with your teammates. Sometimes in the game, there will be event activities so you can earn items and gold.


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In terms of graphics, the game still follows the direction of a Java game. And one particular thing is that the character is designed according to Sasuke in Naruto. Although Ninja Kid is a game on the Android operating system, the game’s graphics are not really beautiful. But players still appreciate it because the game is inspired by Ninja School. Moreover, the character’s movements are also nicely designed and more interesting to create a sense of excitement for the player.


Ninja Kid is a very interesting game, it brought everyone’s childhood back. Now you can experience the upgraded version of the legendary Ninja School game. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Do not hesitate anymore, please quickly register to Shuriken Academy to begin the journey to become the number one Ninja on the planet.

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  • Ninja Kid for Android APK - v20.0
  • Ninja Kid for Android APK (MOD Gold/Unlocked) - v20.0

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