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NameNight Agent: I’m the Savior
Package Namecom.newtypegames.pken
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RequiresAndroid 4.4

Night Agent: I’m the Savior APK is a game in the ARPG genre. With the anime style and hack n slash action elements, the game easily attracts a large number of players.

Introduce about Night Agent: I’m the Savior

HK TAIHE INTERACTIVE LIMITED is a very familiar mobile game developer. They are known for the Dynasty Legends: Warriors Unite game with more than 500 thousand downloads. But Night Agent is their most popular game with more than 1 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of reviews. The game context is a disturbed world, the realm of Yin is intending to invade the realm of Yang. You will transform into a high school student with supernatural powers. Accompanying you are peers with the same purpose of protecting the world.


This game has the same gameplay as Honkai Impact 3rd in two elements, hack and slash and character collection. But the attraction has been greatly increased when each level has hundreds of monsters appear. Your task is to destroy all of them to create a balance of Yin and Yang and enjoy the plot of the game.

For each level, the system allows you to choose a team of up to 3 members. You can flexibly switch between 3 characters to create your own combo. The characters all have 4 basic skills and 1 ultimate, plus a Dash button to dodge enemy skills.

Notice that each character has a symbol representing scissors, hammer, and sack, and enemies have the same symbols. That’s right, the counter system is similar to the children’s “one, two, three” game. Should use counter system to deal more damage.


Currently, this game has more than 20 characters. You will receive 4 free characters that are Sisa – Little Princess, Gu – Rotten Beyonder, Huang – Beyonder and Yee – Night’s Watch. As for other characters, of course you have to use diamonds to summon or collect enough character pieces. However, this game made a mistake like Honkai Impact 3rd that the characters lacked variety. Although there are many characters, it seems that in essence, the characters do not have much change, only different in appearance.


To fight stronger enemies, you also need to upgrade the strength of your characters. The first system is Level Up, which helps you level up your character and power up as quickly as possible. Besides, you need to use money in Night Agent: I’m the Savior to upgrade equipment and increase stars for the character.

Finally, the Guardian, an indispensable thing to increase the character’s stats. Not only that, when you equip enough sets, the Guardian will give effects that deal great damage or buff a lot of stats for the character. Do not hesitate to spend materials for starting characters because the game has a reborn system, which helps you get back upgraded materials for your character.


Regarding the character system, there is nothing outstanding. Most costumes are nothing special, just a variety of basic outfits. The effects and sounds of the characters also change slightly when wearing costumes. This is probably the worst thing that the developer has put in the game.


This is a system that helps you to know information about all characters and Guardians in Night Agent: I’m the Savior. It helps you have a specific direction on how to increase the strength of the character so that it is reasonable. If you build characters arbitrarily, they not only do not achieve the desired strength, but also waste the resources earned.

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Besides the story mode, we also have co-op modes such as Raid Boss, Arena, World Boss to earn resources. For Arena mode, you will fight with other players not in real time. That is, the challenger is the person and the defender is the controller. The stronger side wins. As for Raid Boss and World Boss, you need to be online at fixed times to participate.

In addition, the game also has some entertainment modes with many rewards such as Puzzle, ADV. The puzzle mode is also known as Jigsaw Puzzle. Complete the picture to get money and experience. And ADV mode is considered an expansion mode, it has entertaining games to earn resources. You can earn character pieces in this mode.


The graphics are designed with 3D technology but it is not really perfect. As for the character design in the anime style, it is very beautiful. Skill effects and animations are also very smooth, with no lag when performing. But the optimization part is not good. Because the amount of monsters appears a lot, when performing AOE damage skills will cause the game to be lagging.

Download Night Agent: I’m the Savior APK for Android

Summary of Night Agent: I’m the Savior, the game is worth experiencing. With beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay, it can reach 7/10 points. But for now, the game only attracts players thanks to the character collection. I think that is not enough to keep players in the long run.

In the near future, HK TAIHE INTERACTIVE LIMITED will release Dynasty Legends 2 global version with extremely beautiful graphics. Don’t forget to visit APKMODY every day to support and update the latest news about upcoming games.

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