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It’s been a long time since we’ve begun to feel the relative lack of Pokemon-themed games. In the past, I was very addicted to cartoons and comics with the Pokemon theme. Of course, games like Pokémon: Magikarp Jump or Pokémon GO I can play all day without know boring. If you are looking for a completely new Pokemon-themed game, then I introduce you to Nexomon publishes by LIME TURTLE. It is not original Pokemon version, but the game will also help you to “quench the thirst” for players during this time.

The game is scheduled to launch on March 1, 2018, but the game was released earlier than expected. You can download games on both iOS and Android platforms for free now. You can trust me; this game is very interesting.


Nexomon plot

The land in the world of Nexomon is living in peace. Suddenly a monster Omnicron from the sky appeared. He claims to be Omnicron, King of Nexomon. He wants to destroy all people, master the vast land. Omnicron carries thousands of strange creatures to attack humans. A shrieking shriek of heaven and earth resounded, the battle between humankind and exotic creatures officially began. However, after a while, people began to find ways to tame, turning these creatures into close friends. Nexomons is also helping human race against the Omnicron. With the help of Nexomon, they defeated the Omnicron. It’s gone forever. Man and Nexomons live happily together forever.

Seek Nexomon

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Entering the game, you have become to one of the characters in Nexomon. This game has seven characters for your choose. You are free to move into the colorful open world of Nexomon to find and conquer these strange creatures. They can be anywhere, in the forest, in the bushes or behind the cliffs. If you’re lucky, you can find the rare Nexomon, which has the most powerful attributes. You can hire vehicles to move more easily. Of course, if you have conditions.

Nexomon creatures are just like Pokemon, not the original Pokemon. However, do not be disappointed because this game has some interesting features you can surprise. With more than 300 new species of monsters, you will have to find out the power of each Nexomon. Each possesses a completely different power system and a different special skill. They can spray fire, spray water, superpower, discharge, wind, thunder … What’s the power do you want? Besides, you can upgrade the power of Nexomons by equipping powerful devices.

Funny activities

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The game is focused on recruiting Nexomon, training, and upgrading. When you have enough power, take your animals to compete with other Nexomons through the battle system. Matches bring you a lot of experience to level up. In particular, Nexomons also has different stages of evolution like Pokemons. With the higher level, your Nexomons will have more power.

Players are allowed to combine Nexomons in a squad to create unstoppable power. This game is very tactical. With turn-based gameplay, you have to calculate  Nexomons to win the opponent. Each skill must be carefully crafted. Even if you weaker than opponents, you have the right tactics then the win is still in your hands. You can show your pet training skills in two extremely attractive modes: AI and PvP online. Tell them who is the master of Nexomons in this game.

Unique graphics

Nexomon gameplay

Nexomon has graphical development by the publisher, quite similar to Pokemon games that we often play. Although it is 2D graphics, Nexomon still simulates the full details of the game. The weather effects in the game are also very diverse. The weather can change over time as sunny, rainy, dark, snowing, … This game is designed quite smart, suitable for mobile devices, make you easy to experience. Also, the sound of Nexomon is also great with fun tunes.


Overall, this is a relatively interesting game. For the Pokémon fans, though this is not the original version, I can hardly find a defect in this game. The game is simple, fun and contains a lot of surprises for you to explore. The game allows you to download and experience completely free. However, if you want to experience some more features, then you have to take $0.99  to unlock.

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