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NameNERF Epic Pranks
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All
RequiresAndroid 5.1

NERF Epic Pranks MOD APK (Unlocked All), one of the funniest shooting games available on Android. Download it, start your fight and have fun right now!

Introduce about NERF Epic Pranks

HOMA GAMES is gradually asserting its position with simple games but has a strong attraction. Sky Roller and Border Patrol are clear examples of this. Recently, HOMA GAMES launched another extremely high-quality product called NERF Epic Pranks. This game belongs to the category of action, shooting but does not contain elements of violence. I think you should experience it to get the most intuitive experience.


NERF Epic Pranks is just a joke to make others angry. Therefore, this shooting game does not have the action of dramatic shooting action, but simply uses paper bullets and shoots it at the “ass” of your neighbor.

The simplicity and fun that is expressed through the control of the game. When the character enters a level, he is equipped with a gun along with a convenient location to hide. When the target is not alert, you need to touch the screen to shoot. They only have certain stamina, which is indicated by the number that appears at the top (like health points). Until that number reaches zero, they will get angry (that is shown by exploding a firework).

The bottom line is that you must not let your target discover you are trying to prank them. If not, they will chase and attack you. Your joke will not be any more fun!

Let’s prank!

As you take turns from one level to another, the difficulty is gradually pushed to a higher level. At level 21, I was taken to an area of five people. I had to take down all of them while their vigilance got better. Not easy to prank, right?

But that is not all. I was also taken to a room where many Prankers like me. They have guns so they are ready to respond when someone shoots them. The lack of a quick reaction at this point is really a pain when my character is constantly knocked down. Therefore, you should practice more if you do not want to become a loser.

As you can see, Prankers are one of the heavy opponents we will face in the journey to become the Pranks champion. But in terms of the level of intelligence and good shooting skills, they are still inferior to Boss. In some specific stages, you will face the Boss. Usually, they have two lives. The first time, they were just a normal person, but right after being defeated, they were armed with a mood filled with indignation. In the meantime, your skills need to be shown at the highest level and need to equip some support items to win.

Gun collection

Visiting the store, you may notice there are many unique guns sold there. They are not only unique in appearance but also have superior advantages in damage ability and firing speed. Let think a bit, a Boss has 40 stamina points, and you can only use the Disruptor Elite with a single bullet to defeat him? Instead, using Ultra or Mega guns with 4 ammo per second will be much more effective.

NERF Epic Pranks has two special guns including Blue Elite and Red Mega. Each bullet they fire causes your enemy to lose 2 stamina points. It is very powerful, isn’t it? However, you need special conditions to be able to buy them. Therefore, if you feel you can not afford, you can also refer to some types of shotguns, their power is not inferior to any guns.

Skins, guns, dances

There are not only guns in the store, but also unique skins and dances. You can use the money earned from matches to buy that pirate or Santa costume. They are not just beautiful ornaments, depending on the type of Common, Rare, or Legendary, the speed of hiding and firing will increase greatly.

Regarding the dances, they are also classified similarly to the other costumes. However, they are only symbolic, showing joy when you prank someone.

MOD APK version of NERF Epic Pranks

Why should you use NERF Epic Pranks MOD APK?

Compared to the original game, the MOD APK version of NERF Epic Pranks offers you a number of benefits (features listed below). You just need to download the game and install it as usual. It is not harmful to your device.

MOD features

  • Unlock All Skins
  • Unlock All Guns
  • Unlock All Dance

Why is the MOD version not working?

I can assure you that NERF Epic Pranks MOD APK of APKMODY is working well. Maybe you have a little misunderstanding. The buttons of the costumes are blackout, but you can still select it and use it as usual. You can even use VIP guns or guns that require a higher level than your level.

Download NERF Epic Pranks MOD APK for Android

NERF Epic Pranks is a game that deserves a place on your Android phone. The fun is hiding somewhere in this game. Join, find and experience it!

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