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NameNeighbors back From Hell
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Neighbors back From Hell APK might be a game that was quite familiar to the 8x gamers in the past. And now it is remade on the mobile platform. The gameplay and content, and images remain the same as the PC version. But playing on mobile devices with small screens can be a bit difficult because the game involves many small objects.

Introduce about Neighbors back From Hell

Neighbours From Hell 1 & 2 Remastered

The eternal story of hateful neighbors

Neighbors back From Hell tells the frustrating story of Woody. This guy seems to be good-natured but hostile for a long time. Unfortunately (not sure for him or his neighbors), Woody has a neighbor Mr. Rottweiler who is extremely weird. This man is the symbol of the kind of neighbor no one likes. He throws trash to the house opposite, looks at people’s houses with binoculars, walks around on disgusting and ragged clothes. His body is stinking from being dirty. And he often turns on loud music…

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Woody’s been itching for this dirty, big-bellied man for a long time. And one day, out of patience, Woody decided to hire a team to film the whole process of him breaking into Rottweiler’s house to set traps and wreak havoc on the things in his house. This prank revenge never stops. That’s why we have Neighbors back From Hell to play months after months.

Various types of retaliation

Woody is determined to make Rottweiler disappointed to his heart to match the trouble the old man has caused in this neighborhood. So, once he got into the old man’s house, he immediately did all sorts of things: hide the toilet paper roll, put the TV remote in the cabinet, apply iron glue to the binoculars (this is the binoculars the fat old man used to spy on the girl next door, which made Woody extremely angry), put eggs in the microwave to explode in them…

Any item in the old man’s house could become a sophisticated, interesting trap for Wood’s retaliation. Each time you successfully set up a trap and make the bad guy angry or fall, you will collect gold coins. The more creative the trap, the more consequences, the richer the collection.

The rules are simple: you need to move skillfully between rooms so that Rottweiler can’t see you. Of course, if you are found out, the inevitable consequence is to be beaten up and mercilessly thrown out of the house.

A “sneaky” action game

This game has a total of 28 levels. The first half context is in the bad guy’s house, and the second half is when you travel with his family to different places around the world. Each level lasts about 10 minutes, enough for thinking and a good prank experience.

In Neighbors back From Hell, you will fully experience what a stealth action game is. You just need to touch and move on the screen; the operation is as simple as that. But the importance is to find the right items that can be used to trap the neighbor. In general, winning points is in the inference ability and the mind of the player. For example, to spread marbles on the floor, you have to look for marbles, then find a convenient place to spread them, making sure he will fall on them. Or you can go to the tool cabinet to find iron glue and then put it on the binoculars. Or you can go to the medicine cabinet to find an enema to put in the food…

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If you can think of these tricks, your mind is also in the superior category. And if you want to do it, you also must go through the process of rummaging throughout this house to see if any items can be used, and what to do to make a sure-fire trap for the disgusted neighbor.

As I said, not only make traps in the old neighbor’s house, but you also follow his family to travel. And you will continue your endless pranks. Interspersed are some interesting minigames. The design in this new part also has a change in the design and viewing angle. It replaces the horizontal view of the room with a diagonal view from above and gives players the ability to experience randomness. That means you can sometimes make a trap randomly and then move on to a new level, instead of having to do it right and complexly like the scenes in the old neighbor’s house. This new addition to the game has helped Neighbors back From Hell score more new strong points in the hearts of fans. The game now is even more exciting.

Don’t worry about not knowing what to do and where to start. Why? Because underneath the screens are always a few hints sometimes exposed. They let you know where the old neighbor is going, what he is gonna do, and then set up a trap for a quick win.

Graphics and sound

The entire game uses 3D images that are still very simple even though it is a remastered version of the two original games. But the way the publisher arranges the layout is different. In the flat space, all the rooms in the old Rottweiler’s house are opened, shown in a cross-sectional view from the side of the room. Such a layout is extremely interesting as you can see the whole scene and observe your entire progress as well as the location of the old neighbor.

But the hard part is that it takes some time to memorize and get used to the room locations. For example, the top right room door leads to the main living room, the bathroom door leads to the kitchen. Sometimes it’s too confusing because the old man moves faster and faster. If you don’t remember these linking positions, it’s easy to get beaten. 

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The frame rate in this mobile game has been doubled compared to the original, so the character movement is harmonious, vivid, and responsive to the player’s controls. The characters are only these two. But the new sense from Woody’s pranks is what makes you not leave the game halfway.

The sound is also an extremely attractive part of the game. There are many funny sounds such as the old neighbor screams in anger, footsteps, door slamming, water unlocking… Every object which you touch, interact with, and set traps on has a corresponding sound. They make the game both exciting and suspenseful. The feeling of playing this game is like watching a reality show in front of your eyes. Extremely excited.

Download Neighbors back From Hell APK for Android

Neighbors back From Hell is not only for entertainment but also for you to relive the naughty school-age that everyone has experienced once. With just a simple operation, you will have a fun and humorous experience that few games can do. Play it right away!

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