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Download NBA 2K19 MOD APK v52.0.1 (Unlimited Money)

NBA 2K19 is the latest sports game of the publisher 2k, for those who love basketball. In fact, basketball is a favorite sport in Europe, China and especially the United States. There are many sports simulation games in the market such as Basketball Battle, All-Star Basketball, My NBA, … but the number of games to give the player the real experience is very little. It can be said that NBA 2K19 is the most realistic NBA simulation game on mobile (#1 sports on the Appstore).


Summary about NBA 2K19 MOD APK

NameNBA 2K19
Genre, ,
Latest Version52.0.1
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
PlatformsAndroid 4.3, iOS 9.0
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Currently, the game costs $ 7.99 on both Google Play and Appstore. In addition to Android and iOS, the game is fully supported by other platforms including Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. You can install the game by downloading our APK and DATA files at the bottom of this article, but first, let’s take a look at some of its interesting features.

Best NBA simulation game

NBA 2K19 gameplay

The NBA (National Basketball Association) attracts millions of spectators watching every match. Have you ever watched the match of Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder? Now is the time to create your own club. In this game, the player’s task is to build a club with anonymous players with the ambition to become a top club. Play well, beat all opponents, impress your fans, coaches and professionals, and then earn quality deals to upgrade your squad quality.

For every match in NBA 2K19, you have to control all the team activities from defending, passing the ball to throwing the ball into the basket. On your mobile screen includes the basic virtual keys of a sports game: a virtual key moves on the left, virtual keys such as defense/assist, stealing and throwing the ball on the right. The gameplay is slightly different from NBA 2k18. Now the players move faster and are capable of performing many difficult techniques. As the defenders are more aggressive than the previous version, you have to make daring decisions and have the right tactics in each game.

Buy top players

NBA 2K19 mod

In addition to competing and winning, sports games such as Football Manager 2018 or NBA 2K19 are always attracting players through the collection of top players, stars that you admire in real life. Do you want to own superstars like Kevin Durrant or Michael Jordan in your team? Besides, you can customize beard, hair, tattoos of the players in the squad by clicking the Advanced tab in the right corner of the screen. Through the competition, your players will be leveled up and at the same time increase their stats.

VC is the main virtual currency in this game, which is used to buy or pay for all club activities. You can earn them by playing, logging in every day or doing missions. The more famous the players, of course, the higher their price. If you want to make a lot of money, focus on MyCareer mode because in this mode, every time you pass a stage you will get a lot of money and experience.

Two modes, many challenges

NBA 2K19 modes

MyCareer is which mode you grow your club from amateur to professional. You will compete with the clubs controlled by AI, they have the ability to coordinate smoothly and have a lot of overwhelming tactics, not easy like I think. In addition, the Story mode is completely new compared to NBA 2k18 brings you the most enjoyable experience.

High-quality graphics

NBA 2K19 sound

NBA 2K19 has high-quality 3D graphics, when you playing you will not think this is a mobile game. Everything is simulated real, accurate to every detail as the emotion of a fan in the stands.

Along with that, the sound of the game is also noticeable. The sound of the spectator, the sound of the ball, the referee’s whistle, and the comments of the commentator bring you a vibrant atmosphere like a real basketball match. Not only that, the sound of the game varies according to the events of the match so as to bring out different emotions in a game. When the player scored, the cheering sound very exciting, but in stressful situations, the crowd quiet, hold breath watch the match.

What can NBA 2K19 MOD do for you?

Normally you will spend a lot of time to save money to buy the players you want or upgrade something. If you do not like to wait too long, download NBA 2K19 MOD (Unlimited Money) via the link below this article. The game does not require Root device prior to installation, but you need to make sure that you have uninstalled other versions of the game.

Download NBA 2K19 for Android (MOD APK / Original APK)

Notes: Please select a link to download NBA 2K19 for free. You can choose the MOD (Unlimited Money) version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

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