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NameNail Woman
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Maybe you still do not know about the benefit of a long, curved nail. Let’s see why women take care of their nails all day long through Nail Woman APK.

Introduce about Nail Woman

You may have seen many women around you spending a lot of time taking care of their nails. Some are even obsessed with the word ‘nail’, and for all day, they look for all methods to care for nails (how to paint nails, cut corners, grow long nails, color, and bead nails). Nail technology has therefore developed to the extreme and even become true art.

If you are a male and still do not understand why women do this, try out this funny game Nail Woman, there will be many surprises for you. And if you are female, there are even more reasons to follow the extremely attractive nail caring here. This game is suitable for all genders and ages because it’s too easy and highly entertaining though the form is a bit cheesy.

A game about unusually long nails

Nail Woman is a purely entertaining arcade game with nothing confusing, implied, or tactical at all. You just need to download the game and play with the beautiful girls. Players will play as a girl who has a sexy body and looks like someone very taking care of her appearance. This girl loves nails so much. On her journey, you will see the nails items in pink and purple along the way.

Getting these nail items will make your nails a bit longer. At the same time, you need to get a lot of gold coins scattered everywhere. Sometimes these coins are located very far apart from each other horizontally. But don’t worry because if you collect all the previous nails, your nails will be long enough to collect thousands of gold coins just by waving your hands. It is very unlikely to miss gold coins, especially when the nails are long enough.

On the road, there were some other obstacles like some men standing somewhere on both sides. And if the nails are long and sharp enough, you can also slap them and cut them into small pieces literally with one shot.

Then there are also the crossbars that force you to use your long nails to slide through. There are also quite high stairs or narrow crossbars that you have to control the girl to go through carefully. At these times, it is necessary to pay a little more attention than usual, not to move too quickly, but to be in the right position and quickly return to the track.

But there is one thing you need to watch out for

Almost all obstacles are too easy to overcome. There is only one thing that you must be aware of because it can make you empty. There are tall iron poles along the road. At this point, here is only one piece of advice for you: dodge them. Don’t be foolish to slide through them like doing with those above obstacles. Because if you hit these poles once, your nails will be cut mercilessly. Then you will have to grow the nail from scratch. 

When you reach the finish line, you will receive acclaim from many other girls with admiring glances. In the end, if you get many points, you will unlock another girl character who is more beautiful and attractive. The game will continue without end until you want to stop.

Gameplay is super easy

The only operation is to touch the screen to move the character left and right. You don’t need to worry about other actions such as walking, running, jumping, gathering, chopping, and slashing because they are all automatic.

For obstacles that need carefulness and precision such as crossing the footbridge, the game supports you with a navigation gauge right in the middle below the screen. You can touch the phone and see the small movements of the character on this gauge. So, you will not miss any feet.

But have you noticed the game name, Nail Woman? Sounds like Wonder Woman, doesn’t it? They are all strong women, just each of them has her own style. Wonder Woman can fight, while you, Nail Woman, can overcome obstacles with your huge nails. Even Wonder Woman may not do these “tricks”. Haha. This way of naming the game also makes me feel both funny and silly, making an interesting initial impression. Such a good way to introduce one type of small, time-killing game!

Download Nail Woman APK for Android

The game has fresh and energetic graphics, beautiful characters with smooth and flexible movements. The obstacles are diverse, with many forms, and more attractive later. The scenes seem endless. Playing Nail Woman while doing nails must be very exciting. Try it out once!

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