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NameMystery Manor
Package Namecom.gameinsight.gplay.mmanor
PublisherGame Insight
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RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Mystery Manor APK is an object-finding puzzle game including detective stories and mysterious characters. If you are passionate about the difficult puzzle genre, this is definitely a game you cannot ignore.

Introduce about Mystery Manor

Object-finding puzzle game with a deep plot, great characters, and many interesting side quests

Puzzle adventure games have always played a big role on the mobile platform because the gameplay and manipulation of this game type are too suitable for the tap-tap version of the smartphone. In addition, each player can explore many things to exercise their brains, train their thinking and use all their talents of deduction, observation, and logical judgment. It is a healthy exercise for the mind. That is what makes puzzle games more and more popular on mobile, and some are even surpassing RPGs. Prominent among the puzzle games available on Android must be Mystery Manor.

For those who don’t know, Mystery Manor is one of the top object-finding games on Google Play. Although it was launched a few years ago, the appeal of the flexible gameplay, many forms, and interesting interactions in Mystery Manor have helped this game keep its popularity. In short, it is a must-play game.


One day in an ancient castle hidden deep in the forest, something that seemed so terrible happened that the whole castle was destroyed. The owner of the castle, scholar Mister X, also disappeared, he left nothing but a strange message. Residents around the area trembled because they did not understand what was happening. You are invited to solve this strange event and find out the dark secret hidden behind the castle, a heavy secret from the past related to the mysterious disappearance of everyone there.

A new name appeared: the castle’s architect Snatchin. And the demons, the dark ghosts… What did these things have to do with each other? What about the people you met on the road? What were they in the shady past story above? All are waiting for you to solve puzzles, find objects, connect events, and get to the bottom of the secret.

Many situations, but the secret is only one

Mystery Manor takes you to a series of situations that look quite disjointed at first, but they are actually just revolving around a story to which the characters you’ve met seem to be related.

Your quest is to discover a mysterious castle. It is a beautiful place with charming scenery, vast nature surrounded, and a series of luxurious furniture. But no one knows that behind that attractive appearance, the castle is the place that contains the most secrets in this life, it is home to many scary monsters, even humorous, gentle ghosts, and stories that have never been told to anyone.

Through the lead of the characters appearing one after another, by talking to the ghosts, you receive a lot of small tasks in the form of Finding lost objects, clues, evidence (this takes up most of the time), and then a series of minigames like match 3. All are just to help you find important objects, then find the strange connection between them and finally solve all the mysterious secrets in this castle.


Mystery Manor has many different game modes such as Words, Silhouettes, Phenomena, and Zodiac. In Words, you must search for items by name in a list. Silhouettes will need you to search for items by comparing icon images. Night sets the context of searching for items by name in a dark room. And Phenomena is a special game mode that only appears randomly in rooms. Each Phenomena will require the player to spend more energy and time to complete. However, if successful, you will receive a double bonus.

The map of the castle is also the main interface of the game, it is divided into many different rooms. Each room has its function, decoration style, group of objects and it hides a secret of its own. Solve this room’s puzzle, you will be able to unlock new rooms to continue your adventure.

Or you can also accumulate diamonds to buy room keys from the game store. Diamonds will be obtained from side quests and mini-games along the way. It will help you have more motivation to solve puzzles even before completing an assigned room.

The game operation is mainly to find hidden objects. On the right side of the screen is a list of items to look for. The above is the time limit. The below is a list of help measures – additional tools. You just need to look on the screen and touch the corresponding object to signal that the search is complete so the found item will automatically disappear from the list on the right side. As for special items related to secret clues, you can keep them for later consideration.

Additional tools at the bottom of the screen include many interesting items such as Compass (suggests the location of items in the room), Golden Bomb (discover 4 items or 4 silhouettes), Flare (lights up a dark room for 30 seconds), Flashlight (temporarily brightens the room), Time Snail (slows down the time), Freeze (slows down the time while you’re in a room). Depending on the situation, you choose one to use because these items require you to have diamonds or complete mini-games to buy.

You can play the game offline, you can play it anytime, anywhere to leisurely explore the events in the mysterious castle.

Always innovate and add more things to discover

The game has been released for a long time, but the developer has always put a lot of effort into developing and improving it: missions are added continuously, new rooms are added, new objects and situations are constantly added. By playing this game, you will never be afraid it ends, just leave it on your device and enjoy it every day. Maybe when you may not finish it yet, you receive another new update from the app.

Through the process of finding furniture and connecting the facts, you will realize that each room holds a secret. And that secret is part of the secret chain of the entire castle. Later, not only your brain has to work more, but also your spirit. Closer to the end, things get darker and heavier. It seems that not only are there ghosts and monsters, but this house also contains a terrible crime. It can completely begin from human greed. Maybe that crime is more terrible than you think, and the culprit is still around, among the people you have met and interacted with since the beginning of the game.

Download Mystery Manor APK for Android

It is a great object-finding puzzle game with beautiful 3D graphics, gentle sound, and many details to explore. The plot is especially deep and worth replaying many times. Play Mystery Manor to feel it, I believe it will satisfy you!

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