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NameMy Town: Home Doll house
Package Namemytown.home
PublisherMy Town Games Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Paid Content
RequiresAndroid 4.4

My Town: Home Doll house MOD APK is a happy house of little dolls. This is a good game for children with beautiful and fun images, which help them to freely explore, interact, and bring out creativity of all ages.

Introduce about My Town: Home Doll house

Create your own stories, manage house life and make up your own rules

Everyone had a childhood playing with dolls. Remember at that time we built a house, cooked, let the dolls gather as a family, took each other out… Wasn’t that unforgettable experience? If you have young children at home and want to let them have the opportunity to play with dolls like this without having to display too much, My Town: Home Doll house is a good idea.

Colorful freedom

The doll world in My Town: Home Doll house is colorful and full of creativity. By touching all objects, tools, and details available on the mobile/tablet screen, children can create their own doll family story. They can interact immediately with these objects to understand what they are for or freely experience any colors, any doll characters. Freedom is the first thing every child feels when playing this game.

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The doll house in My Town: Home Doll house has many rooms and is full of characters of a miniature family with parents and children gathered. By actively arranging and moving things to their liking, children when playing will create their own rules and have an interesting adventure for themselves.

Touch the baby boy doll to take him for a walk, play soccer, play games, watch TV, sing songs, play guitar, eat, drink, and go to bed. Then touch the baby girl doll to change into beautiful clothes, read books, talk with siblings, help mom cook, bake cakes, learn piano, play with kittens in the house, then sleep well at night.

You can also transform into a Daddy doll, clean the house on holidays, wash the car, clean the lawn in the garden, play with the children, organize a small picnic for the whole family, work on weekdays… Meanwhile, be a mother with delicious meals, elegant clothes, tutoring her children in lessons, cleaning the house, watching movies, reading books, walking with children, reading bedtime stories, shopping…

Unlimited interactions bring out your imagination

Every little detail in the house premises can be touched to interact. Let’s say you take the doll to have a bath. In the bathroom you can make your own soap, mess a little with some pretty brushes, play for a long time in the cool water. Tap on any item, drag it to where it needs to be placed, and match it to whatever you like. It is an exciting process. Thanks to that, babies will discover things on their own when doing touch-and-try operations like this. After playing, your child will understand the utilization, and moreover, can create unexpected uses for each item. For example, the dining table can be used as a tea table, a picnic table for the whole family…

My Town Home Doll house for Android 1440x810

The manufacturer’s words are true: The only limit in My Town is your imagination. Without any rules or constraints, everything can be touched and used. The game will help children feel delicately each item, each role in the family and thereby stimulate creativity and imagination.

Small life, great happiness

Specifically in My Town: Home Doll house, we will have six different function rooms in the house including Living room, Kitchen, Toilet, and separate room for each doll character. Around the house is a large green yard all day, so that the children can freely play all day. Depending on your child’s preferences, you can decide the number of family members. Currently there can be a maximum of one Father, one Mother, and six children of different ages.

My Town Home Doll house MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

By being creative with a variety of activities for each character, the child will also be more fully aware of the role of each family member. Thereby they can empathize with the connection, gradually promote empathy and concern in real life. They will understand how hard their mother cooks, how elaborately their father prepares a picnic for the whole family, how their sister loves them and how lovely the baby is.

All those feelings, which have been attached in real life, are now warmed up once again when playing games. Aren’t they incredibly good for the baby?

MOD APK version of My Town: Home Doll house

MOD feature

Unlocked Paid Content

Download My Town: Home Doll house APK & MOD for Android

The graphics here are unbelievably beautiful, well-organized, and vivid with lovely characters, meticulously detailed objects to every corner and 100% good interaction. Play while promoting the comprehensive mental and brain development in children. Parents can watch the baby play, but it’s better to let her/him explore freely.

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