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NameMy Sweet Stalker
Package Namestudio.genius.stalker
PublisherGenius Studio Japan Inc.
CategoryVisual Novel
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choices
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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My Sweet Stalker MOD APK is a dating simulation game from the publisher Genius Studio Japan. You play as a guy in an anonymous online counseling network, having the opportunity to meet, learn and follow three beautiful Yandere girls. Your love life has been completely messed up from here.

My Sweet Stalker: Be careful with the people you love

No matter how passionately you love, you should use your reason to see reality clearly

“Be careful of the people around you” is the opening sentence to this dramatic dating simulation game. Just a message is enough for you to understand, once you play the game, you will be a good prey for one, or a few stalkers.

Another hint from Genius Studio Japan when officially calling the girls’ names appearing in the game as “Yandere”. Yan means “Yanderu” which means crazy, and “Dere” means “Deredere” which means love. This is the term from anime, manga, to refer to beautiful, cute, and charming female characters. On the surface, they are often weak and shy. They are very loyal and overly loving, a volatile mentality. They are jealous of all the actions, people and even small things around the person they love. They can even kill people or do some other horrible thing just to win people in their hearts.

With this opening, it’s clear that the game’s plot promises more drama than the simple looks of a typical dating simulation game. I will talk more clearly in the section below, so you can understand how dramatic it is.

The plot is too sensational for a dating simulation game

You are the main character in My Sweet Stalker, also the only guy in the game. You are a student with a particular passion for computers, working partime as an anonymous counselor for an online counseling network. Here, all members keep their identity secret, and the sole task is to listen and give advice to all customers who are having problems in life.

Once, you listened to a girl, she confessed she did something wrong and wanted to listen to your advice. Since that is something wrong, you advise her to give up. But after a conversation, it seems that the mysterious girl has discovered your true identity. And she announced that she will officially become a stalker from now on.

When You begin to realize that everything around you is changing. Then you check the relationships of the girls closest to you and suspect every call. You don’t know if any of the girls that know are, if anyone is this horrible stalker, or if those friends will fall victim to that weird girl.

Out of all the girls around, who is the most suspicious?

You remember Mei, your childhood friend. Because of this particularly close relationship, of course Mei knows well about your anonymity work. But Mei once swore to heaven that she wouldn’t tell anyone. Could Mei be in danger with that stalker, or does Mei have secrets you don’t know?

You also remember Shiki, a quiet, confusing person. You don’t know what she thinks. Shiki is also a member of the computer club at school, and you know long ago that Shiki likes you. Will the stalker do anything to Shiki? Or is Shiki the girl you should stay away from?

The other one of the trio of girls is Tatsumi, a sexy female detective, who is also Shiki’s sister. And you’re asking Tatsumi to help investigate who is a stalker. And while working together, you gradually discover many different secrets of each person. Even unrelated people like Tatsumi. In the end, all the girls have secrets, and all are connected in some way.

How the story ends is up to you

Ironically, in the way to that truth, you accidentally realize your heart is for one of the three girls. Who the girl is, depends on the player’s reaction and treatment of each situation.

My Sweet Stalker is literally a simulation game. Manipulation in the game is almost just reading, listening to the dialogue, thinking, choosing the answer or the action you want to do, according to your own nature and thoughts at that time. Each selection, whether small or large, will contribute to the end.

This is the end you may like or dislike, but you will definitely “land” with one of the three girls mentioned above and it is definitely the best choice for you if you have truly lived with your heart and mind throughout the game.

You will understand what free love is

And you know, the biggest thing I draw from this My Sweet Stalker is that freedom in love is what creates and nurtures love. Emotions if not free will die. If we are not free, we are no longer ourselves. A Yandere girl always wants to own and bind the person she loves, so she will never receive the sweet from love. And if so, it is only temporary, then it would be a series of painful days for both of them.

Graphics and sound

Our three girls are full of adjectives: docile, cute, pretty, fragile, feminine, seductive, sexy and special, they have a very unpredictable inner. Character styling in My Sweet Stalker is impeccable. This is also part of the great success for the game.

The music is very suitable for each scene, helping to increase the emotions of each character’s situation. Sometimes, it can make you want to cry.

MOD APK version of My Sweet Stalker

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Free Premium Choices


If the game crashes, please close and open it again.

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This is a great dating game for those who are wondering in front of the door of love. The drama and story that the game builds should not make you falter because of the loss of trust, but on the contrary, it is the fierceness of the female characters that makes you quickly realize who your heart is vibrating for. At that time, what was left was just spices to make love more attractive. Download My Sweet Stalker MOD APK via the links below!

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