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My Story: Choose Your Own Path APK + MOD (Free Premium Choices) v6.7.1

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NameMy Story: Choose Your Own Path
Package Nameorg.nanobit.mystory
MOD FeaturesFree Premium Choices
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Do you want to immerse yourself in romantic high school love stories? Download and experience My Story: Choose Your Own Path MOD APK, the famous visual novel game by the publisher

Introduce about My Story: Choose Your Own Path


Visual novel games always bring a lot of experience for players who love to explore the storyline. They are allowed to go deeper into the plot from the perspective of the main character, making decisions that directly affect the end of the story. You can turn it into a romantic love story, a sad story, or even turn it into a quirky comedy. Everything is in your hands.

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About My Story: Choose Your Own Path, this is Nanobit’s most successful game, one of the best visual novel games you can find on Google Play. The gameplay is still the same as a normal visual novel game, but you have a lot of stories to explore. The stories are divided into chapters, if you want to change some important knots, you can start from one chapter, instead of having to start over from the beginning.

Explore the library of My Story

Contrary to Genius Studios games, such as My Dragon Girlfriend, My Story: Choose Your Own Path is a game that includes a lot of different stories. The game is like a bookcase with hundreds of thrilling stories, allowing you to enjoy and experience any story you want. With over 100 hours of gameplay, you will experience all levels of emotions with hot guys and beautiful girls.

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Dear Mona

Dear Mona is the first story you can explore while playing My Story: Choose Your Own Path. It even evolved into many stories behind it, about Mona’s time in college and life in Europe. I will reveal a little bit about the plot and the characters. The story tells the love story of Mona, a beautiful girl who lives in a peaceful town. She grew up with a close friend named Mark. The two are very close. They spent the summers together, catching frogs and frolicking like two normal friends.

But when the two were in high school, Mona began to have feelings for Mark. She confided to him before the first day of school, and she was happy to know that Mark had feelings for her too. Everything seemed smooth and beautiful. The next day, Mona did not receive any news about Mark. He completely disappeared, with his whole family. She was very sad and did not know why Mark moved away without telling her a word.

During this time, Mona met Shawn – a hot bad boy loved by many girls in school. Shawn used to flirt with Mona, but Mona kept her distance from him because her heart was only Mark. But over time, Mona also developed feelings for Shawn when she learned that behind his rebellious appearance is a kind heart. But when things were going well, Mark suddenly turned back. What should Mona do when standing between Mark – childhood friend, and Shawn – who was always by her side when she was sad?

Forbidden Fruit

You are a girl in college. You want to spend your evenings going to a bar that relaxes you and forgets school’s tiring times. Here, you meet a handsome guy. You don’t hesitate to flirt with him, but things get worse when you realize he’s your chemistry professor. Should you continue this relationship?

The Billionaire’s Darling

You got the eye of Henry, a billionaire, even though you’re just an ordinary girl in college. It sounds like a girl’s dream, but he wants you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a certain purpose. Which path will you choose? Go on a dangerous love adventure or choose a guy at school? Join the game and find the answer.

Unlock outfits

This is a feature that never appeared in a visual novel game. You can use gems to buy beautiful costumes to participate in the events of the story. For example, at a school party, you need to dress Mona to help her stand out. The costumes also partly influence the plot. If you have a gorgeous dress, you can easily attract the guys’ attention at the party.

Stunning motion graphics

Not just ordinary 2D pictures, My Story: Choose Your Own Path uses 2.5D graphics, and the characters can move while chatting. They also express more emotions on their faces, giving the characters more soul and expression.

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MOD APK version of My Story: Choose Your Own Path

MOD feature

  • Free Premium Choices: This is for Premium Text Choice only while you are playing the chapter.

What is Premium Choices?

During conversations, you have some advanced choices that make it easy to get out of weird conversations or a clever answer that makes it easy to get the heart of the guy you secretly love. Those options all require you to pay with gems. However, you can choose it for free if you play the MOD version.

Download My Story: Choose Your Own Path MOD APK for Android

It can be said, My Story: Choose Your Own Path is the best visual novel game for Android. I think the game is more suitable for girls because the character you play in is usually a girl. If you are ready to join the love adventure with beautiful girls, please download My Story MOD APK via the links below the article.

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