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NameMy Singing Monsters
PublisherBig Blue Bubble
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RequiresAndroid 5.0

Are you ready to create a music island with your own style? Download My Singing Monsters APK and join the music world of cute monsters.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about My Singing Monsters
    1. Collect musical monsters
    2. 150 different monster species
    3. Graphics and sound
  2. Download My Singing Monsters APK for Android

Introduce about My Singing Monsters

Monster games are gradually becoming familiar to players in recent times. Some monster games I have featured in previous titles such as Pokémon Quest or Neo Monsters. Today we come to a very unique monsters game from the publisher Big Blue Bubble called My Singing Monsters APK. Currently, the game supports a wide variety of platforms including two mobile platforms, Android and iOS and platforms such as Windows, Kindle, and Nook.

Unlike the monster games that I have introduced before, in My Singing Monsters, you will also train the monsters but not to fight. Here the monsters you raise seem gentle and like singing. The monsters in this game are very ugly but ugly in a cute way. They all have a different vocal or musical instrument that creates unique songs on your island.

Collect musical monsters

My Singing Monsters takes you to an island of peace and tranquillity. Your immediate task is to make the island more exciting by feeding the first monster on it with the help of in-game instructions. The purpose of this game is simple: breed monsters, feed them, hear them sing.

My Singing Monsters apk

As a guide, you will buy the first monster from the shop. The real joy begins when you can hybridize between two monsters and create a new species. Whenever you breed a new monster and place it in a new home, it can adapt immediately. That means it will create songs, drum or flute to keep pace with the island’s tone. Each monster will contribute its own sound, motivating you to continue breeding new monsters so that you can enjoy different tunes.

When your monsters are overcrowded, be careful with your ears because of the seemingly chaotic sounds. You can mute some monsters but that will change the tone of the song. Make sure you have a great time enjoying the music when playing this game.

150 different monster species

The game has no depth in the story, but to explore all the features of the game is not fast because of more than 150 monsters for you to collect and upgrade. Besides,
My Singing Monsters offers you a lot of decorations to decorate your island. Not only adds aesthetics, but it also contributes significantly to the development of the island. When you place your favorite decorations near them, they will bring in more money.

My Singing Monsters gameplay

Graphics and sound

My Singing Monsters not only have the fun gameplay but also has cute graphics that inspire the players. Graphics are designed in cartoon style with many eye-catching colors, the characters are designed in a creative way, though looks a bit odd but cute.

My Singing Monsters graphics

Besides, I can not ignore the sound, this is an important part to create the appeal of the game. The sound in the game with a variety sound of different musical instruments for players to enjoy creating their favorite music.

Download My Singing Monsters APK for Android

In general, My Singing Monsters APK is a game that is highly entertaining and suitable for all ages. The game is also a great choice for young children on weekends to stimulate thinking and creativity. You can install the game just a few steps after downloading via the links below.

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