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NameMy Dino Friend: Virtual Pet
Package Namecom.GGBay.mydinofriend.virtualpet
PublisherGG Bay
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 7.0

If you had a virtual pet, what would it be? Dog, cat, hamster, bird, or fish? Did you ever think it could be a cute dinosaur? Let’s experience the fascinating feeling of raising a dinosaur pet in My Dino Friend: Virtual Pet MOD APK.

Introduce about My Dino Friend: Virtual Pet

What if your pet is a dinosaur?

My Dino Friend: Virtual Pet comes from T-Bull, the publisher with a lot of experience with virtual reality mobile games.

A cute pet with an unexpected background

Not an ordinary pet, the pet in this game is a lovely dinosaur. You can observe this strange creature since it was still in a huge egg. Then the egg hatches, the little dinosaur becomes the second friend, and both of you will have happy moments together. The surprising opening with the equally surprising main character has created an interesting start for players. Since looking at the glittering eyes of the baby dinosaur, you know a wonderful life comes to you.

My Dino Friend: Virtual Pet has two things that any pet game player wants: Petcare and a dense system of activities and interactive minigames with the new friend.

So, playing My Dino Friend: Virtual Pet, you have numerous things to do.

Take care of virtual pets: playing and nurturing love

For taking care of the pet, you will need to do something somewhat repetitive all day, but it’s also fun because it is divided into several periods according to the age and growth rate of the dinosaur. When he is a baby dinosaur, give him food, water, clothes to keep warm, wash him, coax him to sleep, massage him every morning, and sing lullabies every night. When he is a little older, add more physical activities such as exercise, going for a walk every morning. Then teach him to eat himself when it is time, to go to sleep without being reminded, to change his own clothes. Later, teach him more complex skills such as learning, communication, playing games, making friends with other pets in the area…

Do all sorts of things with dinosaurs, even the most absurd ones

There are so many Minigames in My Dino Friend: Virtual Pet. On the player side, you can freely change the look of your apartment that is also a new home for the dinosaur. You must make a long-term plan when renovating the house because later on, the dinosaur will grow even bigger and even evolve. All indoor activities will also take up more space and require even special functional areas for dinosaurs such as sleeping places, eating places, running places in the garden, entertainment corners, and so on.

Now let’s talk about the dinosaur friend. When he grows up a bit, you can let him participate in many interesting activities that the game offers. Each level of evolution will be able to help the pet play more complicated minigames like crossing a wild river full of obstacles, racing in the vast jungle in Dino Rush, then going on a journey underground like Dino Rafter, or even sending dinosaurs into space in the game Dino Jumper, or simply playing a multi-level Match-3 game in Dino Match…

A colorful virtual game for those who want to experience love

My Dino Friend: Virtual Pet first attracts players by the image, of course. The developer has put a lot of effort into building the colorful world in the game. And that’s just the beginning of the story. When the dinosaur appears, you will be surprised by its beauty. Faces, gestures, actions, expressions… are super cute. 3D graphics make everything more vivid and delicate.

The background music is melodious and emotional. There are many small effects for each movement, action, and minigame. They are reasonable and lead emotions very well.

You will together with dinosaurs go through the peaceful days with dozens of things to do and then laugh after the unique minigames the game offers. One day, you will realize how hard it is to start the day without looking at your phone to see the dear face of this special pet. One day, you may wish it became a real pet to freely touch and love it. Those good feelings and emotions can hardly be found in other games.

Play, enjoy the feeling of raising, loving, and spending many memorable days with this cute dinosaur pet. You can invite your friends to play My Dino Friend: Virtual Pet and then send pictures to compete to see the maturity of the dinosaurs. And one day, let your dinosaurs and friends have the opportunity to sit around and play together. There will be so much fun!

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Unlimited Money

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If you want to raise a super cute virtual pet, you should immediately play My Dino Friend: Virtual Pet.

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