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My City : Pajama Party APK is the story of a Pajama party of a group of close friends. If you have heard a lot about it but never tried it, come here and enjoy your party with friends!

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about My City : Pajama Party
    1. What is a Pajama Party?
    2. My City : Pajama Party gives you a very fun and meaningful experience
    3. Children are free to interact with everything from people to objects
    4. Graphics and sound
  2. Download My City : Pajama Party APK free for Android

Introduce about My City : Pajama Party

Create your own parties, anywhere!

What is a Pajama Party?

Pajama Party (also known as pyjama party) is a very simple, cozy party for friends or family members. Pajama Party can start from the previous afternoon and end at noon the next day, or shorter, depending on your team’s organization. During that time together, what can you do? Each person with a set of pajamas gathers at the house to party, chat, share, confide every story about life, work stories, family, children, or about good movies… Or you can let them do whatever crazy thing such as watching ghost movies, playing card games, drinking wine, reviewing family pictures, or reviewing crazy school stories.

My City Pajama Party free download

My City : Pajama Party gives you a very fun and meaningful experience

My City: Pajama Party is an interactive game to play and learn for children. It belongs to the My City series, which is so popular with our children. In this game, the children will have the opportunity to organize an attractive Pajama Party in their way.

At the pajama party, you will not see gorgeous dresses or faces with thick make-up layers but just pajamas. But the concept of pajamas here is very diverse. You can cosplay, wear costumes according to color tone, theme, and hair color… You will invite your friends, discuss, choose a place, decide what to wear, assign food and drink tasks for each person, buy toys and props at the shop, gather souvenirs to review old memories…. Each step in this preparation is a feat and brings a lot of emotions to those attending the slumber party.

It is already so exciting even when the party does not come, how much more fun would it be on the night of the Pajama Party? Can you imagine?

Children are free to interact with everything from people to objects

Come on, now we have popcorn, snacks, delicious drinks, good music, and movies, so what are you waiting for? Let’s start the party! Do whatever you like, interact with any item in the party, offer any friend to do the craziest things possible. Children just need to touch their favorite item and control their favorite character to the desired location. 100% interaction with objects like that will help children expand their thinking and their imagination. They will understand the use of each item, combine them together for interesting functions.

My City Pajama Party on APKMODY

They can control everything in the party, from setting up all the entertainment at the party to hand-picking items, outfits, hairstyle, make-up for each friend, and enjoying a super memorable time with close friends. Everything is within the reach of the children. Children will perceive connections to characters and be happy with their freedom of choice in this world.

My City : Pajama Party is also for children to freely explore 6 big places including Friends house, flower shop, Pajama Party shop, food truck… for preparation. Then, when entering the party, children will continue to explore every corner of the different spaces in a large house: living room, dining room, kitchen, King size bedroom, garden barbecue party, modern bathroom… Every object, no matter how small, can be touched and used. The children who love interacting with everything around them will love this multi-function feature of the game so much.

My City : Pajama Party has a total of 20 cute characters. Children can control these little friends to do anything such as playing, eating, relaxing, entertaining, or even lying down and sleeping all night. Children can do whatever they like as there are no limits.

Graphics and sound

Like the other versions in My City series, My City: Pajama Party keeps the developer’s style in terms of vividness and richness of images and objects. The world in the game is extremely colorful and full of positive energy. Adults may find it a bit confusing, but for children, this color scheme is a way to maximize the ability to identify colors, objects, and imagination in them.

My City Pajama Party for Android

The game has good music. Meanwhile, fun, lovely little effects also make the interaction between children and the game so much more exciting.

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Download My City : Pajama Party APK free for Android

My City : Pajama Party will bring your children the magical world full of colors of epic slumber parties with friends. Play with your children and have fun together, parents!

My City : Pajama Party v2.5.1 APK

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