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NameMy City: Cops and Robbers
Package Namemycity.police
PublisherMy Town Games Ltd
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PriceFREE $4.49
RequiresAndroid 4.4

My City: Cops and Robbers APK is the latest version in the popular My City game series for children by My Town Games. You can download the game through the link below the article to install this game for free.

Introduce about My City: Cops and Robbers

Nearly 100 million children around the world have been playing My City, the creative education game series by My Town Games. Each My City game simulates a vivid and close visual world. There, children are free to explore and learn new things about the world around them. Millions of downloads show that My City series is really safe and suitable for children.


Coming to My City: Cops and Robbers, kids will be able to play the role of a police officer and be tasked with protecting the city from thieves’ harassment. Children must investigate, find criminal’s hideout and arrest them. Of course, this is a game for kids so there are absolutely no elements of violence at all. It’s all about stories, adventures in which the children are heroic characters.

My City Cops and Robbers Gameplay

Not only taking children to exciting adventures, My City: Cops and Robbers is also a useful educational book for children. The children will fully understand the work and duties of the police officers. In addition to raiding and robbery, they also have other activities such as neighborhood patrol, sniffing dog training, helping the elderly, … And the children are also learning to distinguish good deeds from deeds bad, knowing what to do to make people happy, and of course, not allowed to do bad things.

Playing in many roles

Besides playing the role of a good policeman, who always helping people, players can play the role of many other characters to don’t get bored. They can play the role of a supreme judge of the court to strictly handle criminals. Or the children can play the role of talented detectives, in addition to tracking the thief, they also have to solve difficult puzzles through the pictures.

But My City: Cops and Robbers is not purely about good things, good people. The game also allows the role of thief characters to steal items from the shops. However, this will not adversely affect children. It is just a deterrent lesson: if you become a bad guy and do evil things, you must receive the punishment of the law. It can be said that everything in My City: Cops and Robbers leads children to become a good person, a useful citizen to society.


My City: Cops and Robbers, like other My City games, are for children aged 3-10 years old. This is the age that begins to have the first realizations about life. Therefore, everything in the games has its own meaning. Touching and interacting with objects they see helps children learn about everything around them. In particular, in this game, there are other fun characters and places that are simulated in detail, so each character, each location is interesting stories for children to explore.

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There are many places in My City: Cops and Robbers such as police station, courts, gemstones, bakeries, prisons, … Each location is a story with specific characters. For example, in court, kids can look at the criminal justice of judges and lawyers, or at the gem store with stories about buying and selling, stolen, … This world is vivid and close to life, so besides the fun, it also brings deep lessons for children.

A good choice for kids

Most games today have elements of violence and horror, so finding a game that is safe for children is not easy. And the reason My City: Cops and Robbers is such a great choice for kids is because it’s safe and highly educational. Being a good policeman is not just about teaching kids to help others, it also helps them learn to go to work on time, act quickly and be responsible for what they do.

My City Cops and Robbers Graphics

In addition, My City: Cops and Robbers is also a playground to make friends with the system connected via the Internet and multi-touch. Thanks to that, the children can play games together, connect with each other through one screen. What could be more fun than seeing your kids learning and playing together safety?

Download My City: Cops and Robbers APK for Android

In general, My City: Cops and Robbers is a game with light, pure and highly educational image. Perhaps the game is more appropriate and loved by children than adults. However, parents should play with their children, thereby teaching them good things in life.

The game costs $ 2.99, but you can download the APK file of this game for free via the links below.

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