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NameMy City: Animal Shelter
Package Namemycity.petstore
PublisherMy Town Games Ltd
MOD FeaturesNo
PriceFREE $4.49
RequiresAndroid 4.4

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Introduce about My City: Animal Shelter

My Town Games publisher continues to launch a sequel to the exciting My City series for children around the globe. The game is named My City: Animal Shelter.

With interesting, fun and educational content, parents can feel safe to download this game so that children can learn many interesting things in life through the phone screen. And the lesson in this section is to teach children how to love and take care of animals.


As its name implies, the game’s content revolves around animals. You and the funny characters in the game build a neighborhood of veterinary hospitals for sick animals.

My City Animal Shelter gameplay

My City: Animal Shelter’s hospital welcomes all animals, not just dogs and cats. You will encounter animals that you only see on TV like lions, tigers, crocodiles, snakes, … They live together in one roof in a harmonious way, there is no story that lions will eat rabbit in the game. So you can be assured that this game has no elements of violence.

Like the previous games, the gameplay of My City: Animal Shelter includes touching and interacting with objects, animals and characters. You can touch anything, or drag and drop it where you want.

How to take care of animals is also very simple. First, try dropping any animal in the tub. Have you ever bathed a lion? They are very gentle and good-willed, not aggressive at all. Open the faucet, use a shower gel and clean the lion. Then, use a towel and a dryer to dry the hair. It easy, right?

Decorate animals

Try visiting the pet store, where you can buy costumes for your friends. I said that buying, but in fact, you can get any item you want completely free.

My City Animal Shelter APK download

Not only animals, but you can also dress the characters in the game with super cute pet clothes. Do you see the icon in the left corner of the screen? Touch it, a list of characters will appear for you to select and drag on the game.


My City: Animal Shelter brings you a large city for you to explore freely in your free time. You can explore shops, camping areas and sightseeing subway stations. Travel everywhere with the game’s submarine system.


The graphics of My City: Animal Shelter are not much different from the previous sections. The game still uses 2D graphics with bright and eye-catching colors. The characters are also designed in a cute way. It is like a cartoon for children with funny content and highly educational.

My City Animal Shelter graphics

Moreover, you can also change weather, day/night effects by using the menu on the left side of the screen. It makes your experience more diverse instead of a single scene throughout the game.

Download My City: Animal Shelter APK for Android

Overall, My City: Animal Shelter is a fun and intuitive educational game. With good, simple content, it is suitable for all ages. Besides, the game also stimulates the creativity of young children.

If you love animals and want to teach your kids how to love and take care of the animals around, you can expose them to this game. The game costs $ 2.99 on Google Play, but you can download the game for free through the link below.

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