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Mr Love: Queen’s Choice APK is a visual novel simulation game from the publisher Elex. Join the game, you will have the opportunity to text, chat even call the main characters. You play as a media producer building his own career. Meet handsome guys and experience an extremely romantic story.

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  1. About Mr Love: Queen’s Choice
    1. Super attractive storyline
    2. Message, Text and Call
    3. Popular anime voice actors
    4. Run Your Company
    5. Graphics
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About Mr Love: Queen’s Choice

Super attractive storyline

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice has an extremely compelling storyline and makes sure you enjoy it. Join the game, you are a beautiful girl, talented living in a fantasy world with many super abilities. Sticking with you is the four handsome guys. Everyone has a personality that no one else resembles.

Not only that, but super mysterious powers also give you a completely different feeling. The story is a combination of romantic love and crazy fantasy. There is no story in real life. Upon entering that world, you will discover the character of the four hot guys, learn about their mysteries through built-in stories. Enjoy fascinating, deep storyline and romance like Korean love movies.

Message, Text and Call

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice allows you to do things that other simulations can’t get. You can actively text the mysterious guys around you to learn more about them. Instead of just following the storyline and reading the lines and choosing the answers, you can text directly anywhere, anytime. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? It’s like a love story in a Korean movie, but this is a Japanese game.

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Not only that, but you can also call directly to anyone you want. Therefore, you can even hear the voices of characters, not just long, boring messages. To increase intimacy with the guy you want to learn, you can listen to his voice directly. You can also change the character’s voice between English and Japanese. The game offers a wonderful, romantic experience by letting you hear the characters’ voices on your smartphone. This is a new feature in this simulation game that the publisher Elex gives players.

The character’s voice can switch between Japanese and English depending on you. Some people like to listen to Japanese, some like English, so you will be able to choose freely. Especially with Japanese, they invested a lot, they hired the famous anime dub cast to create voices for their characters. Daisuke Hirakawa was hired to voice the characters of this game. Besides, they hired some other voice actors.

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Run Your Company

Besides romantic love stories, you still have to be busy with your work. In Mr Love: Queen’s Choice, you have to control your own company. To produce programs that need the same elements in real life. You have to pay for hiring staff and drama, interviews, … And in particular, update the news, capture trends, and mass information are important factors.

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In life, sometimes things are not always according to your wishes. You will have to pay attention to every detail and handle emergency situations. Four handsome guys will support you when you get stuck. Search for a suitable strategy and grow your company into the largest entertainment company.


Mr Love: Queen’s Choice owns an impressive anime-style graphic. The details in the game are designed very meticulously and carefully. You will not be able to find a small error in their graphic design. Especially the game supports Ultra HD images (extremely high resolution) giving you a realistic feeling to every detail.

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Download Mr Love: Queens Choice APK for Android

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice is a great game. You will experience romantic love stories through this game. If you don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend, let play this game. You have a girlfriend? This game is more necessary. The game provides me with extremely useful knowledge, helping me to understand psychology and thinking of my soulmate.

Who will be your soul mate? You will know when participating in this game, make your own decisions, choose partners and run the company to become bigger.

Mr Love: Queens Choice v1.8.4 APK

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