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Package Namecom.rpgsnack.apartmenteden
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Paid Content, No Ads
RequiresAndroid 5.0

What do you think if you know that a mouse has the duty to protect human peace? That’s what happens in Mousebusters, an incredibly fun adventure game of Odencat.

Introduce about Mousebusters

This game was released by Odencat, a developer from Japan. Their games are loved by everyone thanks to their unique graphic arts with good, meaningful and in-depth storylines. It is mixed with a little element of the visual novel game, a genre that developers in Japan have always appreciated. Two previous Odencat games, Snowman Story and Zella, have received awards at Google’s Indie Games Festival.

The story

What will you do when you wake up one day, you are transformed into a little mouse? That’s what happens to the main character in the game Mousebusters. To get a job, he has just moved into a cheap rental apartment. After he received room 203, he packed his belongings and rested for a while. After meeting a mouse in the room, instead of hitting or chasing it away, he gave his “roommate” some food. Unbeknownst to him, this action has dragged him into a unique adventure. No one thought it was real.

After waking up, the main character is transformed into a tiny mouse. He felt extremely panicked, whether this was real or just a dream. He heard a call in the wall, he couldn’t believe, I was talking to the mouse. To help the protagonist calm down, the mouse tells him the truth. He used to be an old man but turned into a mouse to catch ghosts for this apartment. The ghosts have always made the tenants feel bad. You have the task with the other mouse to join the ghost hunting squad called Mousebusters, capture all the ghosts, protect the lives of the inhabitants here.

Why did the mouse name the ghost squad is Mousebusters? He just said, for no reason, he just felt this name was very cool. But also, maybe he’s a fan of the legendary ghost hunting movie, Ghostbusters.

How to play Mousebusters?

Mousebusters is played like a story, like visual novel games. There are not as many requirements for skills or tactics as role-playing games, you play according to the storyline and what the game has arranged for you to explore the whole story. It’s like you’re in a movie, and you’re the main character. Each option can lead you to a different ending.

Objects with a red exclamation point are the objects you can interact with. Those objects may be an important clue to the investigation, or they may not make any sense. Almost, the game has no challenges for you. No puzzles, no opponents that require you to fight, nothing. Just select, tap and touch the screen until you find the correct answer. Therefore, you can completely immerse yourself in the Mousebusters story, entertainment is like enjoying a movie, a novel.

Develop a romantic love story

During the ghost-catching journey, you have time to learn more about the lives of the residents here. The girl in room 101 is a shopaholic. According to the mouse, she can wear makeup for an hour before going to the convenience store. Next to her room is the programmer. He is a hard worker who lives for work. He is always in a state of fatigue and has to use a lot of energy drinks. Let’s wait and see “chemical reaction” between these two people. Will they become a couple or not?

There are many character lines in Mousebusters, creating a coherent story. Your apartment complex is at risk of being demolished to build a park for the city. What will the lives of the residents be like? What do you and your “boss” need to do to protect everyone in this rental apartment? All are answered at the end of the game.

Impressive pixel art style

Like Odencat’s previous products, Mousebusters has a unique 2D pixel graphics style that reminds us of old console games. Despite the horror content, the game is not too scary thanks to the cute graphics and design.

Mousebusters supports multiple languages

To help bring the content closer to players, Odencat has hired translators in different countries to perfect the content for Mousebusters. This game supports the most popular languages in the world, including English, Japanese, Vietnamese and more.

MOD APK version of Mousebusters

MOD features

  • Unlocked Paid Content
  • No Ads

Download Mousebusters MOD APK for Android

You’re ready to take part in the wonderful story of Mousebusters. Together with two cute mice, protect your friendly neighbors from ghosts. When there are no more negative emotions, people will become more friendly, connected and loving each other.

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