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NameMotor Tour
Package Namecom.wolvesinteractive.motortour
PublisherWolves Interactive
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Are you ready to conquer every track in Motor Tour MOD APK? Speed conquest is one of the greatest desires of mankind but not everyone is qualified and has the courage to do this. That’s why racing games of all genres were born. Anyone in any condition can experience racing safely and continuously on the most modern motors thanks to these games.

Introduce about Motor Tour

Experience driving a “wild horse” around the streets

Motorcycle racing, the hobby of single adolescent

If you have had the opportunity to try many kinds of racing games, it is impossible to ignore the motorcycle racing game. Driving a motorcycle gives you many indescribable emotions both in real life and in the game. You can fully control over a fierce “wild horse” rushing through the streets, freely spreading your eyes to see the world around and wriggling into every crevice in the road. What makes you addicted and crazy about is also encapsulated in a word “freedom”.

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Among the motor racing games, I appreciate Motor Tour, an interesting racing game from Wolves Interactive. What is more exciting than taking the wheel of 40 super cool and modern motorcycles from the world’s big brands and running through many beautiful sights of many unique places?

Perspective, graphics and sound

The characteristics of the motorcycle are also very carefully developed. We will be able to choose a motorbike when entering the game. In addition, later, you can also strongly customize your favorite motorcycle by changing the engine, coloring, stickers, and wheels to suit your preferences, track, and weather. Complicated but beautiful graphics combined with stimulating music will capture your attention immediately.

Motor Tour uses a first-person perspective. You will see the entire front of the motorbike, actively change the speed, turn left and right and brake when needed. The realistic environment in Motor Tour is depicted quite subtly. The color effect, shading has shown the times of day from Morning, Sunset and Night very well. Players can really immerse themselves in the track and see a lot of interesting visual experiences.


The task is to drive motorbikes on endless highways, overtake other traffics, collect scores with smart handling, unlock new motorbikes and upgrade vehicles. If you want, you can also challenge your friends in real-time multiplayer.
Motor Tour has all six game modes, quite a lot when compared to a normal racing game. We have Career, Racing Now, Endless, Free Ride, Time Trial, Daily Events. With these six game modes you can do everything you want with “the iron wild horse” from highway racing, endless motocross, to motor racing in exhilarating races. Play alone, or with friends to challenge with on-road vehicles such as buses, trucks, pickups, SUVs or outdo yourself within the time limit. Motor Tour has a game mode for any subjects you like.

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If you find the solo mode interesting, that excitement increases even more when you enter the Pvp mode. Choose the best motorcycle and challenge other players in real time. Race and complete one hundred different online missions to eliminate opponents one by one and glory in the end. In addition to earning points through races, upgrading, and unlocking motors, you can also collect new motors by buying blueprints from other online players. And in multiplayer mode, we can also take advantage of the Nitro feature to increase the maximum speed, quickly defeating opponents on the road.

Tips for newbies

In Endless mode, you can unlock new motorcycles by collecting Blueprints. Then through multiplayer mode, you can change, upgrade, and unlock vehicles by trading Blueprints with other players. This flexible buy-sell-trade mechanism adds drama to this already great game. The process of unlocking and upgrading also makes you always conscious of improving your skills and participating in as many races as possible to earn more money. Having money is everything.

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The second tip I want to send to you is about the situations “Money flow in like water”. Somewhere in the game there are always times and situations that help you make a lot of money. Note these points because that’s when you make the process of unlocking and upgrading motors happen faster. These special cases include: Difficult handling phases such as sharp turns, overtaking other traffic vehicles on the road at a speed of over 100 kmh, driving on highways at night, driving in the opposite direction and using Nitros to accelerate at the right time.

Remember to make full use of it!

MOD APK version of Motor Tour

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Want super vehicles? Just buy it!

Download Motor Tour MOD APK for Android

Modern motorcycle racing game in first-person perspective with crisp, lively sound, good 3D visuals, simulation effects and knocks, Nitros… is done very well. Those who are interested in motor racing should choose Motor Tour now.

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