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Maybe you know what makes a great card game: when you unlock rare cards, or when you use your strong card beat the opponent’s lineup. Enjoying the result of the tactics you create is a great experience. Monster Era: Egypt is the latest Yu-Gi-Oh card game of Konami. This game features unique tactical elements that make you have a headache to figure out how to beat your opponent. Let explore some of the features of this game in the review below.

A huge collection of cards

monster era egypt main screen

You can unlock different types of cards, representing the legendary monsters. Each card has its own power and there is no duplication. The indicators that you should care about include HP, Attack, D. Defense and M. Defense. Some cards have relatively low stats, but they have powerful effects, so you should look for the cards that best suit the tactics you are aiming for.

There are three ways to unlock the new card. You can use gold, use diamonds or use the Recruitment Ticket. Cards are divided into three types: Normal, Rare, and Legendary. If you are lucky enough to open a legend card, congratulations, you have one of the strongest cards in Monster Era: Egypt.

Upgrade property

monster era egypt backpack

When you have the strongest cards, it has not stopped here. You can still continue the upgrade to enhance your cards by using the Memory Shard. Memory Shard can be used to upgrade everything in the game. They mostly exist in plot mode, clear all chapters in Normal and Elite Adventure as a way for you to collect them.

This game encourages players to continually improve their card strength in a variety of ways. Don’t forget to equip items such as armor, swords, boots,… to make them even stronger.

Recycle items & rebirth cards

Monster Era Egypt recycle

You have a Gaia Knight card and you have upgraded to full stats, but one day you open a legendary card but you have no Memory Shard to upgrade. Don’t worried. Use the Rebirth function for the Gaia Knight card, you will receive all the resources and the original Gaia Knight card.

Monster Era: Egypt allows you to recycle unnecessary items to create a new item. If lucky, you have the opportunity to receive valuable items. What if not? It’s okay, anyway you don’t need those anymore.

Become the champion

monster era egypt gameplay

When you have the strongest team, now is the time to show your bravery and your tactics. Lead your army, win every opponent in the game to get a lot of rewards. In Monster Era: Egypt, Arena is where you challenge 6 other players around the world. Beat them and climb to the top of the charts. Ranking bonuses will be sent to players at 9:00 AM depending on your server.

If you like high-end items, join boss hunts in Dark Factory and Daily Dungeons. Also, the game has many other interesting modes such as Wicked God, Plunder or Treasure.

An interesting game indispensable interaction between players. You can join Guild to create a powerful alliance or create your own guild. In guilds, you can chat, exchange items, fight together or buy special items in Guild Shop.

Graphics and interface

monster era egypt main screen 2

Monster Era: Egypt will take you to explore the mysterious world in the game with vivid graphics, true and has much majestic scenery. The interface of the game is very impressive and scientific design. There are dozens of different menus on the screen, but that does not make the player feel uncomfortable.

Should you play Monster Era: Egypt?

The answer is “yes”. Overall, Monster Era: Egypt is a perfect addition to the collection of card games for mobile. Simple, easy-to-understand gameplay but there are many things to explore. You can download the game via the following links:

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