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NameMonopoly Sudoku
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The classic Sudoku puzzle game has now been remade with the online mode, allowing you to play with your family and friends. This game called Monopoly Sudoku APK.

Introduce about Monopoly Sudoku

Sudoku is a famous puzzle game, has been around for a long time, probably from the ’80s. The magical numbers in this logic game have caused many players to “brainwashing”, but at the same time, it also brings the desire to win.

And after years of silence, Sudoku was remade by the Marmalade Game Studio – the author of the famous Monopoly series as Monopoly Sudoku. Now you have a chance to enjoy new Sudoku puzzles with Mr. Monopoly!

The classic Sudoku puzzles with new style

In the original Sudoku series, its gameplay was quite simple asking the player to arrange the numbers on the grid, such that each row and column had to contain all the numbers 1 through 9. Monopoly Sudoku still remained that factor, but there are some more distinctive enhancements when integrating the time limit factor and hint.

On the grid are nine 3×3 subnets. Some cells are pre-filled, and they cannot be changed in value. You will rely on these numbers and the system’s suggestion to fill in the blank cells.

Sudoku means “put the number in the right place”. This is the overall goal of the game that you need to achieve. However, as the levels pass, the challenge gradually becomes more difficult. Fixed cells are more sparse, while clues are also less. In the 3 – 5 minute period, you will have to fill a fair amount of blank boxes. And that’s when you need the help of Mr Monopoly. He will give you the next step towards solving the puzzle.

In addition, you can also use the Pencil feature to mark numbers as possible solutions, eliminating inaccurate numbers.

Play with friends

Join your friends and family members on the puzzle in multiplayer mode. There, everyone can play together, or compete to see who finds the correct numbers most quickly.

Monopoly Sudoku also offers a variety of solutions so that players can improve their playing techniques on a complex grid. Sudoku School is a popular place where you get the knowledge, tips and advice to get an optimal strategy.

Pointing Pairs / Triplets is one of them. It is an advanced tactic, given the system quite detailed information about the situation, which is applicable, along with a visual example and detailed explanation. If you have more time, you should visit and learn in Sudoku School, as you can improve the solving speed offered by Monopoly Sudoku.

After that, you should hone what you have learned in practice mode while unlocking new aids.

Time to let your inner wisdom shine through! Take on head-to-head challenges in real-time multiplayer. Sudoku School also organizes seasons in search of champions. Complete each challenge, you will receive experience points to level up, and you will receive additional achievement points to increase your ranking on the global leaderboard.

In addition, the system will unlock unique avatars. You can use them to show your progress.

Multiplayer mode

This is probably the latest new feature that the previous Sudoku game versions have yet to implement. Therefore, games are merely boring puzzles, lacking connection, and making it difficult for players to measure their progress, as the system only offers three levels: difficult, medium and easy. But when you experience Monopoly Sudoku, you can compete with other players and see your progress with ease. If you don’t want to play with your friends, you can automatically match to challenge your opponent in an online match.

Mr. MONOPOLY will help you awaken your inner courage! Complete the missing numbers on the grid, level up and get achievement points.

Download Monopoly Sudoku APK for Android

Monopoly Sudoku is a successful online version of the classic Sudoku puzzle game. It adds more Monopoly elements to give players more enjoyable gameplay while allowing players to connect and compete with each other.

More than that, you won’t get annoying ads in Monopoly Sudoku anymore. The developer understands that, players need concentration to be able to solve those complex puzzles.

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