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Monopoly APK + MOD ( Unlocked) v1.7.19

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App Info

Name Monopoly
Package Name com.marmalade.monopoly
MOD Features Unlocked
Version 1.7.19
Size 261.24 MB

Monopoly MOD APK (Unlocked All) is a very popular board game for Android. If you mostly like the board game genre, this is a game you can't miss. Not only is it a game just for fun, but a board game also has many business elements. It allows you to learn how to invest, build houses, rent land, borrow money from banks, pay taxes and do a lot of other jobs to get rich.

About Monopoly

When there are not PC games and smartphones, Monopoly was a popular game for both adults and children. It is very suitable to play with friends or family on weekends. However, you do not always have enough players, as the current life is busier. Due to the popularity of this game, Marmalade Game Studio has developed a version for Android. So you can play with online players from around the world right on your phone. Monopoly costs $ 4.99, you can download it completely for free via the links below our article.

History of the development of board games

In 1934, a man in Germantown named Charles B. Darrow created an extremely interesting game, called Monopoly (board game). During those years, the United States was experiencing an economic crisis. Like many others, Charles is unemployed. So he uses this game to kill time together with his friends.

This game quickly created a fever at the time. With the help of a print shop, Charles sold up to 5000 sets of board games to a department store in his town. The board game wave has not stopped at Germantown. When everyone became aware of it, Darrow was unable to deliver the entire order, so he decided to sell his game to Parker Brothers. Not only in the US, but Western countries also love this estate business game. During nearly 100 years of development, Monopoly has been sold in more than 80 countries and translated into 16 different languages.

How many players in Monopoly?

Monopoly is started with at least 2 players, and the maximum number of players is 8. The game does not encourage 2 players, because when there are only two players on a chessboard, the competitiveness of the game will be reduced. Some features such as auctions will only be attractive when there are 4 or more players. When either player makes a good move or lucky, there is little chance for the other one.

I think Monopoly is very fun when there are about 4 to 6 players. At that time, each player's role was very even. When some players win, there are many activities for the remaining players.

8 is the maximum number of players of Monopoly. The game also has a lot of interesting things when there are 8 players. But you have to spend more time waiting for other players to complete their turn. To overcome this, the game has many activities for you while other players are making their moves.


A set of Monopoly board game includes:

  • 2 dice.
  • Tokens of animals, trains or anything. They represent the players on the board.
  • 1 board.
  • Money.
  • 32 houses.
  • 12 hotels.
  • Chance.
  • Land use papers.

Monopoly's gameplay is not too much different from the real board game. First, you shake the phone to pour the two dice and then make your move on the board (clockwise). Basically, if you move into an empty box, you can pay to the bank to own it. If another player has rented that plot of land, you must pay for it. If you refuse to buy a vacant lot, it will be auctioned off by the bank. All players on the board are allowed to participate, including the player who refused to buy the land.

Finally, if a player goes bankrupt, he or she loses and is eliminated from the game. The player who wins is the player that makes other players go bankrupt. If the game runs out of time, the richest player wins. In addition to the boxes that allow you to buy or rent land, there are some special boxes such as Chance and Community Chest. If you're lucky, you can get some money from the bank. But if not, you will even go to jail. Do not worry! You're in prison doesn't mean you've lost, you just have to sit out for a set number of rounds and watch other players make their moves. You can still participate in a number of activities such as land lease, auction while in prison.

Customize the rules

The rules of Monopoly have been popular for a very long time, about 100 years. So some rules can make players feel bored. Monopoly offers you a mode that allows you to edit some rules such as customizing the number of rounds you have to go to jail, skip some cells, etc.


Currently, Monopoly offers you two modes including playing with AI and playing with other online players. AI in the game is not easy to beat, they are real challenges for players. You need to have a perfect business strategy to defeat them.

If you are away from home, and you want to join Monopoly with your family on the weekends? Monopoly can help you with this. The game allows you to create your own room and invite your friends and family.


Monopoly simulates a beautiful 3D city instead of the pictures on paper like real-life board game sets. Effects and sound are very smooth, helping you have the best experience.

MOD APK version of Monopoly

MOD feature

Monopoly costs $ 4.99. You can get the original APK version for free. Our MOD version has unlocked all Tokens, Boards. You just need to download, install and enjoy. It is very simple.

Download Monopoly MOD APK for Android

Monopoly is an extremely popular board game worldwide. This game is suitable for all ages, anyone can play, including children. To win the game, you need a lot of factors such as tactics, proper investment, and the indispensable factor, which is luck. This is a great game for you to play with family and friends on holidays and weekends. Do not forget to visit APKMODY every day to update information about the most interesting games for Android.