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Modern Warships APK + MOD (God Mode, Unlimited Ammo) v0.50

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NameModern Warships
Package Namecom.Shooter.ModernWarships
PublisherArtstorm FZE
MOD FeaturesGod Mode, Unlimited Ammo
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Modern Warships MOD APK is an action-strategy multiplayer naval battle game. Not only do you maneuver the great warships, but you also have the opportunity to witness the spectacular vivid sea battle scene.

Introduce about Modern Warships

Command your warship in epic online battles at sea!


The topic of naval warfare is not strange, it has been exploited with many different genres, from tactics to general cards, to role-playing. But to specialize in PVP, fight with other players on the same large battlefield, beautiful scenery, incredibly realistic, there are not many games that can do it like Modern Warships.

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Modern Warships will let you become a warship captain, participating in fierce battles with other players. You can choose your own battle tactics, release the rig to concentrate your strength, show your ability to command, maneuver, and be flexible according to the battle situation.

When playing, you will team up with 4 other people to form a 5-man team to fight other teams. Each match has a certain time limit, at the end of the match if the team is still alive or has a higher score, that team wins.

Note that when fighting, ships, no matter how modern, need a certain Recovery time. You need to combine many types of ships, many types of weapons so that while this one stops waiting for ammo, use another instead.

Realistic simulation

Each of the warships in Modern Warships is built to a real scale and is based on their real-life versions in reality. The way these warships move, the rate of fire, the way they launch fire attacks, throw weapons at the enemy are also simulated exactly with what happened in reality, So in terms of simulation, Modern Warships did a great job, from the small details to the larger parts. The number of warships alone, the game has more than 30 different types of warships, from transport ships to specific battleships of each country (such as IJN Yamato), to submarines, corvettes, destroyers, aircraft carriers that enough to let you unleash your leadership talents and strategies.

When choosing a type of ship to fight, or choosing parts to enhance the ship’s power, you need to carefully consider the descriptive stats. For example, the battleship IJN Yamato, with a maximum speed of 12.1 knots, is quite small but in return has a durability of 38,000 more than other warships on the list. Depending on the strategy and gameplay, each player will have the right choice for themselves.

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Or like the USS Hurricane PC3, although it is a basic ship, it can allow the player to equip up to 3 weapons, it is also one of the ships with the highest speed of up to 19.4 points.

When you play to a certain level and get an epic Aircraft Carrier, you can decide to use the money to buy more Jets, Helicopters, Fighters, Bombers…

And not only warships, but Modern Warships also has helicopters, deck fighters, cruisers… Each type of battleship has its own characteristics and combat capabilities. The better you understand them, the more opportunity for you to win.

To fight, in addition to a good battleship, you also need strong weapons. Modern Warship brings more than 200 different types of weapons, from missiles, guns, planes, battle cruiser missiles…

Weapons on each warship have many types: missiles, guns, torpedo tubes, ballistic missiles… Once you have unlocked a new weapon, you immediately have the freedom to use and move it back and forth during combat. This freedom has created flexible tactical levels depending on the individual orientation of each player.

You can use long-range missiles to stun the enemy and then combine them with the submarine below to attack guerrillas. Or you can also use warships to attack the enemy face to face. Or, if you want to win quickly and easily in surrounding situations, you can use aircraft to combine air and naval warfare at the same time.

Upgrade system

In Modern Warships, you can enhance the power of the battleship by improving the characteristics, the battle set of the ship through the partial upgrade. You can earn money to buy these parts through battles in the game.

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Or you can upgrade new weapons. Whatever weapon you have, you can modernize and customize them to suit the new situation.

Combining these two upgrade systems, along with tactical command talent, combining the formation of formations, flexibly responding to situations, and fully exploiting the capabilities and combat power of each weapon, you can create a mighty battle on your own and can destroy other captains to become the winner on the battlefield.

MOD APK version of Modern Warships

MOD features

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • God Mode

Download Modern Warships APK & MOD for Android

This real-time PvP Real-Time multiplayer action game is sure to please discerning players. Let’s feel free to express your style and show your strategy talent with Modern Warships.

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