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NameModern Strike Online
Package Namecom.gamedevltd.modernstrike
PublisherAzur Interactive Games Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Ammo
RequiresAndroid 5.1

Modern Strike Online MOD APK is a 3D graphic online FPS game on mobile platforms from the publisher Azur Interactive Games. And is one of the most “outstanding” shooters currently on mobile.

Introduce about Modern Strike Online

Free PvP FPS shooting game

The great combination has created 7 game modes that can’t be more stimulating

Modern Strike Online is a combination of the style of the classic Modern Combat game and CS online. That means you will have a two-in-one experience, new and overcome the weaknesses of the two games above.

Specifically, Modern Strike Online is a first-person FPS shooter with a rich and diverse combat map system. Comes with an unprecedented arsenal of weapons and ammunition with new refined designs for more trendy.

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Of course, there has been a combination of CS online styles, surely in Modern Strike Online there are also intense PvP FPS battles in many different forms such as: single match, team deathmatch, ghost mode, bombing, solo 1vs1, zombie mode, or play with AI. The good point is that all 7 modes are detailed design, carefully invested in both gameplay and graphics.

The battles are dense and sophisticated in Modern Strike Online

Above, I mentioned that Modern Strike Online has many maps and a variety of weapons. But not to mention that the exact Modern Strike Online has 14 different battle maps (not to mention the battlefields under development that are expected to launch later this year).

Each battle has different fighting style, enemy, landscape and color tone. In each match, there are many traps along the way, different items, expected to make you go from surprise to surprise.

Weapons are also something you should care about

What about weapons? There is only one word, “quality”. Modern Strike Online has more than 70 different weapons (more to come in the future). From rifles, pistols, sniper rifles to weapons that deal terrible damage like Barrett M82, AK 12, SKS.

Modern Strike Online MOD APK download 1440x810

Each weapon in hand, you should take a moment to go through its detailed description. Make sure that you do not miss any important notes, especially about damage, recoil, rate of fire, ideal firing distance. Then, depending on the enemy and the battle, there will be the most optimal weapon choice. Choosing a “genuine, suitable” weapon means you have more than 50% of the victory.

And not to stop there, a pretty cool part of pushing my excitement high when playing the game, that is all the weapons in hand, you can customize and change many things, from color, magazine design, silencer position, viewfinder part, gun body… Changes deep inside can more or less change its combat characteristics. In the first scenes, when you don’t have a lot of items in hand, you can take advantage of this game’s customization feature to maximize the destructive power of your common guns.

Customize your character

In the game there are a total of 5 characters with different positions and uniforms. Players can customize each item on the body of these powerful soldiers, including hats, shoes, gloves, armor.

And after each upgrade, these “jewels” of the soldier will be raised to new heights with special integrations such as the ability to glow in the night, increase speed, increase ammunition for the gun…

But clothes, bullets or weapons are also equipment outside the body. There is another very important aspect that will change the game. It is you and your skills will be upgraded through each round.

There are different types of skills and attributes in the game. From the outset these attributes were displayed in the “identity” of each soldier. Depending on your taste and forte, you need to choose carefully from the beginning. And after each match, the score gets higher, you can turn to unlock each skill on that list. Of course, the higher the level, the more attributes and skills wait for you.

Although possessing many such advantages and features, the gameplay and controls of Modern Strike Online are quite simple. The character shoots automatically so you don’t need to worry about aiming and shoot definitely hit the target.

Modern Strike Online MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

What you need to train yourself through the scenes is the ability to strategize each battle. And the “sweet” combinations with teammates to get the way to victory will be fast and minimize casualties.

The graphics and sound of a true fierce battlefield

Must say that. Because from the detailed 3D graphics of the weapon, the scene, of the hand movements to the series of indescribable sound effects in the game, you will surely suffocate moments like in the real battlefield.

What noises will you hear in Modern Strike Online?

  • The sound of the plane roaring, the sound of the engine moving loudly, the sound of people screaming in panic everywhere. The battlefield is really horrifying like that.
  • Every time bullets fly, guns shoot, bombs explode, each weapon touches and targets and causes casualties, accompanied by a distinctive sound, sometimes it is so powerful that it makes me shiver.
  • And you can also hear the opponent’s feet, the sound of your own breathing. The game encourages you to use headphones to experience the game in detail.

MOD APK version of Modern Strike Online

MOD feature

Unlimited Ammo

Ammo does not decrease.

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