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Mobile Battleground Blitz APK Download - New mini MOBA for Android

Summary about Mobile Battleground Blitz 1.0.22 APK

NameMobile Battleground Blitz
Latest Version1.0.22
MOD Features: No
PlatformsAndroid 4.1


Mobile Battleground Blitz, the name sounds strange? This is the new MOBA game we have just discovered, in this game the traditional MOBA rules are completely destroyed, bringing a new experience. Game developed and released by Alchemisted Tech, a relatively new name in mobile gaming.

MOBA Gameplay

After entering the game, you will be guided basic operations in the game along with BOT. Soon, you can name your character and start the fight. In particular, the battles in Mobile Battleground Blitz takes place in the form of 3 vs. 3 are common in some other MOBA games.

Mobile Battleground   Blitz 2

The special thing in the Mobile Battleground Blitz is that the game does not put much emphasis on farming or jungling. Both teams will fight from the start to win. Usually, it takes 3 seconds to start the match, and 3 minutes to finish the match. This game is aimed at fast-paced battles, so those players can play at any time, even during breaks.

In the Energy Crystals mode, an energy crystal appears periodically at the center of the map, where the players must move to this location to collect the crystals. If killed, all the crystals the player has collected will be dropped back. When one party has collected enough 10 energy crystals, the countdown to victory will begin. If the team can keep their crystals until the timer counts down to 0, they will win the match.

Also in Ancient Idol mode, there is a huge statue in the center of the map. When a team wins it, it will revive and start attacking the remaining team base. When the base of a team is destroyed, the other team will win.

Like the Arena of Valor, maps in the Mobile Battleground Blitz are also separated by bushes where the player can hide from enemies’ sight. But the difference is that the game has only one lane instead of 3 lanes like AoV. This makes the players of both teams will be forced to confront each other in the middle, creating a fierce confrontation from the beginning.

Game modes

There are currently three modes in the Mobile Battleground – Blit: Energy Crystals, Ancient Idols and one that is still under construction, but also includes other minor modes.

Mobile Battleground   Blitz

The first mode, PVP is where 3vs3 battles take place.

Second Mode: Rank, this is the mode that helps players compare to rank, showing their level in the battle 3vs3.

3rd Mode: AI, where you will practice fighting with superior intelligence.

Tactical factor

Despite its fast-paced gameplay, Mobile Battleground Blitz still requires players with mastered skills and tactical thinking skills. Choosing the right position, getting the right move, and supporting the right team all the time is the key to winning.

It takes time to get used to, but tactics need to be rehearsed and improved often if you want to win.


Mobile Battleground Blitz 3

The game has a diverse list of heroes, you can summon the most powerful heroes during the game. The heroes system is divided into different classes, each with a certain gameplay style but with no overpowering power, you will have to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the heroes to be able to control accurately.

You can unlock new hero after receiving the hero cards from quest, or use in-game currency to buy from the shop.


Compared to other MOBA games, the Mobile Battleground Blitz offers a simpler and simpler graphics – casual style. The bright, simple 3D design makes the Mobile Battleground Blitz work smoother on most phones.

This game also supports 3 levels of graphics quality is HD, medium and low so that players can customize depending on your device configuration.

The end

Supporting English, Chinese, Thai, English – Mobile Battleground Blitz is aimed at a global gaming community. Although still in beta, the Mobile Battleground Blitz APK has received a lot of praise and support from gamers. You can now download Mobile Battleground Blitz games using an Android device, and for iOS, players may have to wait for the official release.

Mobile Battleground Blitz APK is ready to download!

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Depending on your needs, you can download Mobile Battleground Blitz MOD APK or Mobile Battleground Blitz Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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