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Mission Zero APK from NetEase has secret action gameplay and espionage themes and is as attractive as the Mission Impossible series. Are you ready to enter this underworld?

Introduce about Mission Zero

A super attractive spy-themed game masterpiece!


Mission Zero takes the theme of Spy that is not a new idea but rarely exploited in the game because of its complex depth. And of course, a spy-themed game is especially rare on mobile. Mission Zero has a strange diversity in gameplay, but in essence, is still an action RPG. You will be a spy and assassin. When it’s not the right time, you can do reconnaissance or underground research, but when you are discovered or attacked by surprise, you can also defeat the opponent in the blink of an eye. Both static and dynamic, both tactical elements and thrilling action. This is the first big curiosity that Mission Zero offers for players.

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Mission Zero’s three unique action elements revolve around three areas: tracking, covert action, and assassination of the enemy. Revolving around these actions, you will gradually experience a strange way of acting on mobile games. Many people think that Mission Zero feels like Hitman on PC, but according to the writer, it is completely different. At least about the 2v4 game mechanics seen for the first time.

Specifically, when entering the game, you will have to choose to play in Mobius or Sirius roles. Sirius’s group has 4 spies, sharing the same task of infiltrating enemy facilities, finding secrets, and withdrawing safely. The Mobius group will have 2 members in charge of the task of tracing and uncovering the truth of those who infiltrate from Sirius.

The above two groups of spies, although having different tasks, use a quite similar method. No matter who you are playing and which Organization you are in, you still have to move into different areas to discover the target. For members of Sirius, the main goal is the secret documents, important instructions that they must gather for their organization. For Mobius members, the main target is Sirius guys who may be disguised somewhere around. After determining the target, one is to quickly retreat in peace, or defeat the enemy in a split second to avoid the aftermath.

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There are only 2 opposing factions, but Mission Zero generously offers players up to 100+ characters. Each character of course has its shape, personality, and skills. Choosing who and going with which organization will partly shape your future development path (including tactics to carry out the task, ways, and “tricks” to achieve the goal). This also means that you will enter a rare unique 2v4 gameplay.

This “unbalanced” in Mission Zero leads to many interesting and dramatic situations. You know, it requires players to constantly move and find different ways to complete assigned tasks. The “tricks” that these secret agents use to get what they want are almost limitless. You can choose to act stealthily, or distract, disguise yourself in enemy lines, set traps, hack the system, use force or you can also use “beauty trap” if possible.

Each faction has its own attraction

One of the most attractive skills for Mission Zero players is the character’s ability to Disguise (in the Sirius group). You can change the costume for your character or get special equipment and accessories to hide. All aim at fooling the eyes of the Mobius group. From there, there are more opportunities to go deep into the enemy’s ranks and find secret information.

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As for the Mobius Organization, the highlight is teamwork. To quickly find, unmask, and destroy Sirius’s enemies, you must coordinate with other members of your party to track down, unify rules, and divide the area of ​​control. For those who have a lot of experience in team battles, playing the role of Mobius is a perfect choice. In addition, each assassin in Mobius also has unique skills and special moves. You can freely use these skills, along with the weapons you have in hand to block everything and quickly find the enemy.

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What amazes me a lot is the standard, sophisticated 3D graphics, dark background with lurking dangers, and strange but attractive 2v4 game mechanics, and a series of impeccable skills. If you are interested in the topic of assassin spy, you must download Mission Zero to play right away.

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