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Mini Football APK + MOD (Unlimited Sprint) v1.7.8

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NameMini Football
Package Namecom.miniclip.minifootball
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Sprint
RequiresAndroid 4.4

Mini Football MOD APK is a quick soccer co-op game for Android. The game is so exciting, endearing, and super practical. 

Introduce about Mini Football

Put on your boots, and get ready to go onto the pitch in this brand new football game! 

How is Mini Football different from a series of football games? 

Mini Football is a mini soccer game, inspired by Football Strike to make this mini version. The biggest feature that anyone who starts playing will see: Not too formal or theoretical, and not too long about the order of play, anyone can download the game, open it and play the game immediately.

Different options 

Playing this game, you can collect players with all roles, from normal strikers to famous stars. Along the way, don’t forget to upgrade your players to become a strong element in the team. The game also allows you to customize the team according to the desired formation. It is possible to combine excellent individuals into a “lovely” formation to form a team that is invincible from match to match.

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In addition, we also have more than 100 other customizations that I guess any sports game enthusiast will love. Logo, jersey, pants, socks, shoes or so detailed that by choosing the right ball, naming the team. You have about 400 items to slowly add to your team. 

This awesome Co-op soccer game is your chance to compete or team up with other players to bring a glorious victory to your team and slowly climb the overall leaderboard. Every week there is a re-rank by the league, from the Brass League to the All-Stars League. So if anyone is dreaming of a promotion, they need to work hard during the week to get enough points for promotion at the end of the week. 

Is playing Mini Football difficult? 

The operation in the game is quite simple, the goal is to bring the most realistic and accessible experience to any user. So it’s just the navigation cluster in the lower-left corner, the right side is the actions of the control player: Slide, Switch, Pass, Sprint… At each time only 3 actions are displayed so you will see it always changing, depending on the situation. 

Who do you control on your team? 

The answer is anyone. To put it simply, whoever the ball reaches, that person is chosen. The circled symbol at the foot of the player will indicate that he is under your control. So no matter what you are doing, at any time, the only thing to care about is the ball on the field. And on the other side, the other player does the same thing. So you just need to focus on the ball and your team, don’t worry about anything else.

Mini Football MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

There is another good thing in the game different from real life that, even if you play bad (or get fouled) by obstructing or hitting the opponent, no yellow or red cards were given.  

Extremely entertaining graphics 

With a bit of a humorous image, each player in Mini Football has a slightly larger head than usual, the body is short and chubby, but not to the extent of overdoing it like some other big head sports games. This moderate pause has pulled players out of the laughing space to return to the reality of speed matches on the field. 

Mini Football does not need to use spectacular 3D graphics but still very eye-catching, each football player has a very unique, easy-to-remember face. The movements of all members on the field are rhythmic, reasonable, and quick. 

Mini Football for Android 1440x810

Moreover, the game brings exciting matches, in a simple way like in real life, without any other complicated visual effects or effects. It’s not a compliment, nor is it a criticism. It is simply suitable for those who have the same taste in playing “simple” games. But whether you are a futurist who loves 3D and other flashy effects, or a minimalist, the important thing is everything comes from the basic and simple. Everyone should try playing Mini Football once to understand the football game. It’s not anything too sublime, the attraction lies in the footsteps of each player on the field. 

Amazing sounds 

Not to be missed the priceless spiritual food of every football match is the cheers that fill the stands. Mini Football also offers a lot of big and small sound effects in the game. The sound is in every shot, in every pass, the helplessness of the goalkeeper, and the cheers of the teammates… Play this game will make you have a lot of excitement like in a real football match.

MOD APK version of Mini Football

MOD feature

Unlimited Sprint

How to install the MOD version?

  1. Open Google Play, find Mini Football and install.
  2. After the installation runs 1%, click cancel.
  3. Install the MOD version.

Download Mini Football MOD APK for Android

Mini Football is a simple and quite entertaining football game, which is highly appreciated for its pure value, practicality, and convenience among the mobile games of the same genre. You can enter the game and immediately team up with other players and start the match right away. 

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