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This game is for adventure and creative lovers. A few months after we last heard about the AR version of Minecraft, Minecraft Earth APK was released beta version by Microsoft and Mojang.

Overview information

NameMinecraft Earth
MOD FeaturesNo
RequiresAndroid 8.0

About Minecraft Earth

However, the publisher has prioritized iOS users when releasing games on this platform first. Currently, the Android version of the game is allowing players to pre-register. You can download the game via the link below the article. But before that, learn some of the outstanding features of this game.

AR technology

AR technology is an important difference from the original Minecraft version. The game uses modern AR technologies such as AR Azure Spatial Neoors AR and PlayFab. It gives you a realistic experience. Like Pokemon GO, the fantasy world of Minecraft Earth is built from the real world. Your living room can be a beautiful valley, the park in the neighbourhood can be a tropical jungle with many monsters and predators. Discover, adventure and build in your own home.

Your phone is like a window. When looking at your real world through the phone screen, a completely new three-dimensional space appears. You can see a huge tree with many birds, animals around right on your desk. This is a fantasy world, a wild world. Although it is made from the real world, you can do everything you want without regard to the law or the police.

The game’s graphics software can detect humans. When someone enters the game screen, it automatically pushes the virtual objects back and to two sides. Thanks to this, the player can feel like everyone on an adventure in a wild world.

Adventure and discovery

The gameplay of Minecraft Earth is similar to Pokemon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players can interact with the virtual world in many different ways. If you want to explore another place, you need to get out of the house and walk to that place instead of lazy playing the game on the sofa. No one tells you what to do, discover everything possible by your feet. Tap, exploit, destroy and do everything you want.

Building and crafting

Of course, you do not need to use an axe to cut down trees in the park if you want to harvest wood. Use your fingers to build and craft what you want. Finding the necessary items can help you with resource exploitation and construction. Axe, shovel, rope, … are very important if you want to survive in a wild world.

Besides, players can together build big constructions in a certain location. Community is important in games like Minecraft. Everyone can live together, share resources and build large-scale structures like pyramids. After building a building in a place with lots of people, other players can see it and continue to create and expand it.


Minecraft Earth has a feature that allows you to explore dungeons with hundreds of different types of monsters and enemies. Fight with them to survive, not with a fist, but use your finger to swipe on the phone screen. Because this is a wild and completely new world, you need to create many powerful weapons to be ready to face many different types of enemies.

Download Minecraft Earth APK for Android

Basically, Minecraft Earth’s gameplay is not much different from the original Minecraft. The main task of the player is still adventure, crafting and building a fantasy world. Therefore, players can easily catch up with the new game.

In the modern world, people are increasingly “lazy” in going out and interacting with people around them. In addition to the time to go to school and work, we often hide and spend most of our time in our homes. So an AR game like Minecraft Earth can take you out, take a walk and explore the interesting things of life.

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