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Mindcell MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo) v1.63

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Package Namecom.VenomizedArt.Mindcell
PublisherRay Spark
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Ammo
PriceFREE $5.00
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Mindcell is being released for free on APKMODY. Download the MOD APK file of this shooting game and take part in dramatic battles.

Introduce about Mindcell

Mindcell is a TPS shooting action game. Players will experience intense confrontations, campaigns full of intrigue and dozens of dangerous enemies.

To experience this game, players will have to pay to download it from Google Play. However, with the APK version provided by APKMODY, you can experience it completely free.


A young man accidentally gets caught up in a serious case and is arrested. The warden informed him that he was sentenced to death. The execution day is approaching. However, on the day of his execution, he realized the car did not take him to the execution site, but instead to a secret base. Here, he must become the object of scientific experiments for a nonprofit secret organization. He knows that he is innocent. If he became an experiment, he certainly would not be able to survive. Therefore, he determined to escape from here at any cost.

Unfortunately, this base area is very large and there are people everywhere. In order to escape, he has to remember what happened to him and the way that he got here.

A dramatic escape begins. While trying to regain his freedom, he found out why he was arrested. What is the purpose of this mysterious organization? Who is his true ally? Find out the answer in Mindcell.


Join Mindcell, you will control the main character fleeing from the mysterious experiment area. Escaping from this is not easy because the structure of the laboratory is extremely troublesome, made up of many buildings such as laboratories, chemical areas, warehouses. It is like a maze with no way out.

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More dangerous, all the way, all the rooms are always guarded. You will face waves of fierce guards. Making a sound attracts a lot of enemies. In the rooms or at the end of the road, there are always bosses waiting for you. Be careful because they are hard to defeat and dangerous with powerful attacks.

Overall, Mindcell is quite interesting. If you regularly follow the posts on APKMODY, you’ll find this game a combination of Armed Heist gameplay and controls, while building the context like Antarctica 88.

However, there are also some points that have not yet been finalized. For example, the game has no navigation. Therefore, it is difficult to determine where you are going and where you are going. This makes it much more difficult to find a way out. Hopefully, in future updates, the publisher will have more navigation arrows on the map or signs.


Weapons in Mindcell are also very diverse and plentiful. From pistols, pistols, snipers to sticks, wrenches, knives can be used. While looking for a way out, you can pick up weapons scattered everywhere to protect yourself.

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However, Mindcell has no inventory function. This means you won’t be able to stock up on weapons or items like any other game. Meanwhile, guns, sticks, wrenches and other types of melee are limited in the number of times used. Therefore, you must quickly find the replacement weapon before your weapon can no longer be used.

If your character accidentally dies, he can be revived at the spot you started earlier. This is quite convenient. Sometimes when you encounter an opponent that is too strong, you can try a different, more optimal strategy. This saves you no time and effort to play from the beginning.

Graphics and sound

I am personally quite satisfied with the graphic quality of Mindcell. From context to characters designed in 3D style is quite beautiful and lively.

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Covering the whole game is dark tones mixed with blue light that makes us think of the context of horror movies. The sound part is a plus point with the sound of gunfire, explosive bombs designed extremely realistic. In addition, the background music also brings a lot of suspense and drama.

MOD APK version of Mindcell

MOD feature

Unlimited Ammo: Ammo does not decrease.

Download Mindcell MOD APK for Android

If you love action games and love to explore, don’t miss Mindcell. Download the game via the link below the article.

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