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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Have you ever played an action game where everything is vague, unpredictable, and you don’t know who is your teammate and who is the monster? There is such a brain-challenged game: Mimicry APK.

Introduce about Mimicry

The trouble of trust when monsters can disguise themselves as humans


In the game, you will be able to customize your character: you can choose male or female, customize your face, hairstyle, and nationality. After choosing, wait a while to team up with other players. The team lineup after completion will appear on the screen with the identity and name of each person. You can play in teams of up to 9 people.


The interesting thing in Mimicry is the feeling of being half real and half fake. You don’t know who your friend is, and if they really are who they are. Basically, it is because the principle of this game is quite weird: You and your team are on a mission to explore the planet in a base area surrounded by harsh cold weather. Sadly, there was an alien monster that, by some tricks, can get into this base.

This monster has the ability to bite into any human it sees and then transform into its victim. And this capacity is constantly changing. This means it can appear in the form of a hideous, slimy original monster with a large bulging eye on its back and a bloody, deformed head full of fangs like an Alien. Or it could be in the form of the victim it killed right before and then it walks normally like him/her. No matter who you are playing with and no matter how many people in the group, you should be prepared that anyone can be a monster in disguise, and anyone can be its new victim in the future, including yourself. 

This means that both you and the other players can be monsters. Now we have two cases: If you are alive and if you are beaten to death by the monster.

In case you are still alive

You will have to do 3 things at the same time. One is to perform the quests the game continuously gives such as finding the key, restarting the heater, getting the box, storing items… The tasks to be completed will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, when finished, they will automatically disappear. Sometimes the task is so dense that you don’t know where to start. Sometimes the task is quite easy so you can have time for other arduous tasks. The ultimate goal of this set of missions is to help you get out of the base safely before the monster eats you all and takes over the place.

The mission is only one part. The second thing you need to do is to stay in touch and communicate with other players as needed through the real-time voice communication tool the game provides. Thereby you can have the necessary information to complete the task and be able to detect who is really the monster in disguise.

The third job to do is to collect weapons to defend the monster every time it appears and attacks you. This monster is fire-phobic, so you can kill it by burning it alive with the powerful flames of a Fire Thrower weapon you collect along the way.

In case you are killed by a monster

If you are unlucky, you get attacked by it, then there are two situations. 

(1) When you can resist, escape and find a way to recover the lost blood. At this point, you can only see the monster or see the form of the teammate it is disguised as. If you can see that person, luckily, you will eliminate suspicion. And if you see it in the form of a monster, do not be startled. This monster is hideous, but it will “accompany” you throughout the game. Then it’s time to get used to it.

(2) When you can’t escape, and you can’t heal in time, then of course you die. At this point, the monster will turn into you, and you will be the monster. Missions now rotate 180 degrees. You no longer have to find the way out, but the task is to track down and kill all the humans in this base and eliminate all the players without being burned. To do this, you have to live like a strong monster. You must be brave enough to deceive everyone and destroy them one by one. Kill them all and the victory is yours.

Yes, it is the unpredictable trick of Mimicry. As you play, you can take the form of a human, a monster, or transform into any player that is killed.

If you are alive, your mission is to leave the base before the monster kills you all.

And if you become a monster, your mission is to kill all players and not get burned.

Every battle is always different, partly because the players in the group are different, partly because the challenge will be different and the way the monster reacts and attacks will also be different too. So, even if you replay it dozens of times, the experience is always new.

General assessment

Mimicry has many maps and locations. Each place has its own mission and gloomy atmosphere. Not too fancy, the scenes in Mimicry are quite simple, there are places where the environment is even a bit monotonous (like the snowy mound outside the base and the control room). But overall, the unexpected encounters and lots of situations to deal with the quest and the monster things will be enough to keep you busy. Anyway, this is not an AAA game or anything, so if you’re not too picky, it is acceptable.

The monster looks really scary. Although there’s no change in its look, every time I see it grab a teammate, I get goosebumps. Imagine if this monster was outside, I would run away without daring to look back.

The soldiers are also quite good. As you are able to customize them, each player has a unique identity without duplication. Character movement is good, flexible with many skills. You can walk, run, crouch, and attack monsters. But remember not to kill your teammates just because of unfounded suspicions because people will quickly detect and remove you from the game.

Download Mimicry APK for Android

In short, it is a pretty good mobile game. Mimicry is worth the experience. It is not sensational or jumpscare style and does not have a lot of gore. But the horror is real. It is the monster’s ability to transform into any victim and the feeling of not trusting anyone that will keep you in a state of flustered. What are you waiting for? You must try it right away! 

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