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Are you looking for a mobile game where you can play fast and win fast, a game that has flexible speed, a diverse character system, and turn-based battles? Try Mighty Party: Magic Arena APK! There’s a lot to talk about.

Table of contents
  1. Introduce about Mighty Party: Magic Arena
    1. Gameplay
    2. The more heroes, the easier it is to get the upper hand
    3. But you also need a strategy
    4. Quite a lot of game modes
  2. Download Mighty Party: Magic Arena APK for Android

Introduce about Mighty Party: Magic Arena

A fast-paced, engaging turn-based battle game on a chessboard


The first level of the game is quite similar to StickWar. You will move around to fight. Strength scores are displayed on top of the troops. You’ll start with the weakest whose battle points are lower than you. Fight it, capture it, and turn it into your team to increase the score. Then move on to continue fighting against other enemies that have stronger stats.

For example, you initially get 15 points, then you hit a guy who has just 10 points. Defeating him, you have 25 points. You’ll move to the area of those having 20 points to deal with them. After that, the total score is 45, go on to kill the next group. Like that. Through each turn and attack, if successful, the score increases, you get more troops or more equipment, new weapons such as swords, spears, bows and arrows, shields…

The game operation is quite easy. After thinking it through, touch the point you want, and your soldier will attack automatically. You don’t need to worry about their fate. You have the higher score, of course, you are the winner.

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Level 2 will be a completely different game. You will be placed on a chessboard and fight against the enemy on the other side. Like the rule of chess, when the “king” loses his life, all the soldiers die. And the ultimate task of all soldiers is to protect the king. This is also the main genre of this game. For the first screen, I think it’s just to warm up for fun. Later, you will also meet some games like that again every time you enter a new stronghold before the “chess boards” will open again and a tougher battle will appear.

This chess-style turn-based combat is a great mix of action, strategy, and RPG at the same time. Each chess board will have different obstacles, monster squads, and kings that force you to win before you move on to the next scene. All the skills you need are to match the right soldiers with the right weapons to maximize the abilities of the characters, launch the battle at the right time to change the outcome of the war, calculate the relative health between our side and the enemy to send out troops reasonably.

The more heroes, the easier it is to get the upper hand

If you kill all the soldiers of the enemy side or the fastest, kill the King as quickly as possible, the chessboard will end, and the victory belongs to you. After each victory, you will unlock new soldier characters, get more weapons, and have more advanced equipment arrays. The more heroes you unlock, the higher your chances of winning quickly.

You guys are free to play, put all your efforts to win the first battles continuously to collect as many troops as possible. There are hundreds of heroes and monsters in this game. So, the variability of our side and the enemy side is equally rich. Possessing a powerful diverse legion will help you get ready before the enemy unleashes more terrible monsters.

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Heroes are divided into many types such as Warriors, Knights, Undead, Mage, Elves, Dragons, Orcs… along with hundreds of mythical creatures and countless special characters that when unlocked, many times will make you gasp because of their great ability.

But you also need a strategy

Using troops is like taking advantage of flowing water. Having a lot of troops in hand is not enough, you also need a reasonable and unpredictable defensive/ attack strategy to win with the least damage. For example, use Warriors to confront the enemy’s strong forces, but carry a mage behind to take turns delivering critical hits.

In parallel, arrange an Archer on an empty chessboard to kill the king who is alone. Keep the enemy busy, distracted, and fight in many lanes, giving the empty space for you to reach the king. Aim at the king to speed up the game, it is a trick I often use when playing this game. Fortunately, the enemy AIs are quite stupid, only relying on a lot of blood.

Quite a lot of game modes

If you don’t want to fight alone, you can invite friends or join other online players in the form of PvP or join guilds and clans to stand side by side. Each battle in Mighty Party: Magic Arena takes place in slightly different settings. And when moving to a new land on the map, the space completely changes, so the excitement also increases.

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Specifically, the game modes in the game include:

  • Single player: you will get into an epic story and start your journey around the world like a true hero.
  • PVP, fighting with other online players, is also an attractive game mode: it includes Ranked Matches, Mid-Match Matches, Novelty Arenas, Survival Tournaments, Raid Battles, and Massive Events with valuable rewards.
  • Turf Wars: you will join the guild, use their army to fight opponents, and win important territories. Invite friends to play this mode! It’s quite fun. It is a game mode where your clan alliance fights using their armies against opponents for the most valuable territories. Prepare the Guild for glory!

Download Mighty Party: Magic Arena APK for Android

Mighty Party: Magic Arena is a strategy game that combines two game forms (RPG and turn-based combat). It has fast-paced, real-time PvP action that stimulates creativity in every fight. The system of heroes and monsters is so rich. I find the game simple, fast, and fun to play. Why don’t you try it right away?

Mighty Party: Magic Arena v1.74 APK

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