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NameMighty Army: World War 2
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Latest Version1.0.9
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PlatformsAndroid 4.3
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If you want to become a soldier who join the fierce battlefields around the world to protect justice and the safety of innocent people, let play this game. Mighty Army: World War 2 is the third-person shooter game (TPS) released by Forza Games in mid-August. There are a lot of games with different genres that are very successful with the theme of World War II. If World War 1945 is a great strategy game, this time, we will be directly involved in the fierce battle in an online shooting game.

World War II background

Mighty Army World War 2 gameplay

You are a soldier trapped in the biggest war in human history, with the gun in your hand now that you have to conquer the dangerous trials and destroyed all the enemies. Basically, the gameplay of Mighty Army: World War 2 is similar to Counter-Strike on PC, in which your task is to use weapons and destroy all enemies or contrary, they will kill you. The game features fast-paced action in the midst of a war-torn area. In particular, this is more brilliant thanks to the advanced graphics technology of the game.

If you love shooting game, this game brings a new experience by using a third-person view instead of the first, allowing you to easily see what’s going on and feel better when playing on mobile devices. Some players find it difficult to control on the mobile phone because the shooting game requires a lot of manipulation, but with the well-designed console of Mighty Army: World War 2, you do not need to worry for this. On your screen are virtual buttons that take care of functions such as reload, firing, moving, aim, using grenades or even punching opponents.

To play this game well you need to keep your concentration, move skillfully avoiding the enemy’s bullets and grenades while aiming accurately and giving the enemy a headshot bullet. The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, but you should remember one thing: just one enemy bullet is enough for your battle end immediately.

Weapon Systems & Training

Mighty Army World War 2 weapons

The weapon system of the game is quite diverse with many familiar military guns such as the AK, M4A1, AWM, S1897, … Not only to use, the arsenal of the game is a collection that all players are expected to own.

Unlike other shooting games, Mighty Army: World War 2 has an interesting feature is Training. This feature allows you to learn more special skills such as spin lowkick, kneekick, overhand or do something similar. Once you reach certain level levels, you are allowed to unlock new skills, but you only use one skill in each game. With a soldier, guns are an indispensable weapon, but besides, martial arts are also a very important factor.

Team Deathmatch 4vs4

Mighty Army World War 2 mod

The main mode of Mighty Army: World War 2 is Team Deathmatch 4vs4, where your opponents and teammates are the other online players around the world. Like PUBG Mobile, you can know the nationality of the player through the flag of each country. The four players are divided into three roles: Assault, Support, and Sniper. In addition to improving the skills of a true soldier, you need to teamwork well with your teammates to win. In Global ranking competition, every time you win you will be awarded ranking points to compete with all other players. Do you want to be the greatest soldier in Mighty Army: World War 2?

Sum up

The cartoon graphics of the game is depicted by advanced graphics technology. Currently, though not many modes, features, and the Offline mode but Mighty Army: World War 2 is still a good shooting game this year. If you are ready to enter World War II battlefields, download the game to your phone now from the links below the article.

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