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NameMarvel Duel
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Marvel Duel APK latest version for Android is a card game designed in a new format with impressive graphics and gameplay. You will not want to glance and miss such an exciting strategy game!

Introduce about Marvel Duel

As you know, Marvel has long become a giant brand of comic books and superhero movies. Not only do they win the hearts of moviegoers, they often work with developers to create mobile games. Some games can be mentioned as Marvel Contest of Champions (with Kabam Inc), MARVEL Future Fight (with Netmarble). This year, Marvel together with NetEase developed an extremely attractive strategy game called MARVEL Duel. Unlike its predecessors, Marvel Duel is more refreshing with card strategy gameplay instead of role-playing. You will be shown your ability to build tactics to confront the evil monsters.


Overview of gameplay, you will collect heroes in the Marvel universe and fight monsters throughout the galaxy. Marvel Duel is a card strategy game so its gameplay is also popular and not difficult to access. You will enter the duel, use and combine the cards to defeat them.

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At each turn, you need to summon a hero and use his ability to perform attacks. Remember, Superheroes have special powers, it can be strong or weak and can only exert full power if used properly. They can only attack up to three enemies, so be more careful about your choices.

In every match, Super Hero will appear last. The ultimate goal is to defeat him to win. Marvel Duel allows the player to perform direct attacks while he is not controlling a character.

Card system

In a game like Marvel Duel, we need to care more about cards. NetEase Games was a bit ambitious, so they brought in this game almost all of the characters of Marvel (more precisely 150). They are quite perfectly designed, from shaping, strength to skills. Iron Man will use the thruster to deal with damage to his opponents, while Thor uses his Mjolnir magic hammer to summon thunder and cause critical damage. Depending on the card combination and the type of monster you are facing, the attacks will bring different effects. To help players find the desired formation, the game has a system of detailed instructions on how to combine cards. You can learn in the tutorial and go through the top players to find unique tactics.

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However, at the beginning of the game, you only have one single card. When you win some battles, you’ll earn more through rewards, or buy them with in-store bonuses. Having more cards will help you customize more tactics, increase the chance of winning in the battle.

Upgrade for your Heroes

Normally, a card game doesn’t have a lot of customization for the character, but Marvel Duel is not in this case. You can change the look for Iron Man or Thor and any other characters with the new costumes in the store.

In a sense, it is quite similar to the character upgrade feature. By not only giving them a unique appearance, more beautiful but also change the ability and attack skills as well. Thor has the default weapon Mjollnir, but when he changes skins, he will use the new magic hammer, made from Neutron, Groot’s arm and burned with the energy of a star’s core. Or Spider-Man, instead of a cloth costume, could be equipped with the latest suit gifted by Iron Man from Infinity War.


Marvel Duel has two modes of adventure and PvP. After completing the overview of the game, you can choose one of these two modes to experience. In it, adventure mode will take you to explore the entire universe with difficulties coming from AI. Pass through a door, another door will continue to open and you will face new dangers, new challenges. PvP mode allows you to fight real players on the same server. Currently, this game only has a single server, 5001 Asgard.

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Not only quality in terms of content and gameplay, but Marvel-branded games also have never made players disappointed in terms of graphics. You can test this again with Marvel Duel. Most card games are not too focused on the graphics of the arena, but on the contrary, the battles in this game are simulated by impressive short films. When you take out actions that damage an opponent, the character will break the card and fly towards the opponent to attack. This process emits beautiful lighting effects and sounds that describe the fierce.

Download Marvel Duel APK for Android

It is not difficult to find a card game with an attractive strategy game, but finding a game developed enthusiastically like Marvel Duel is not easy. Download it, experience it and try to find a defect that you are not satisfied with. I guess this is quite a difficult thing!

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