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Mafia is the name of a very infamous criminal organization that we’ve heard so many times. This is an underground organization, the power is growing stronger and gradually become a criminal organization extremely dangerous. If you want to participate in this organization can immediately experience the game Mafia City. Here you will join the role of the boss, leaders of the notorious gangs in the black society, power competition and the area of operations around the world.


Summary about Mafia City APK

NameMafia City
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Latest Version1.3.763
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PlatformsAndroid 2.3
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Mafia City is a hardcore game that gives you real experience in the Mafia world. The game is connected globally, regardless of who you are, who can join the competition to become a tycoon in this world. Are you ready to join in this war?

Interesting story

Mafia City story

If you have ever played games like Clash of Clans or Narcos: Cartel War, which I have introduced in previous games, you can easily understand the mechanics of this game. At the beginning of the game, you will be given a tutorial that will give you an understanding of the basic operations and features.

First, you will have a base to be able to develop it more modern. In order to do that, you will need to accomplish the basic tasks. Then rely on the money you earn you will build and upgrade your buildings.

Reputation is a very important thing Mafia City. When your reputation is low, you will always be followed by police and often attacked by other gangs. When you build a mighty gang with a higher reputation, things are completely different now. You can directly attack other gangs, besides you do not have to be afraid of the police. But to do this is not really easy.

Building your base

Mafia City weapons

Your main base is a very important place, you must upgrade it first to unlock and upgrade other buildings because other buildings are not allowed to have higher levels than the main base. Mafia City has a lot of buildings that you need to build, each one has its own role: a training center that helps you create and unlock your army, the Bootleg market is where you can deal with your friends or other players, hospitals help you heal your injured army. There are many other buildings for you to explore such as security center, investment center, black market…

Become a Godfather

Mafia City apk

As a senior mafia boss, you have to bring in your strategic vision. For survive, the alliance is a very necessary tactic. Alliance with other strong organizations in the surrounding area gives you many benefits in strengthening the area.

With the reputation of the Mafia, wherever you go through the streets, the hospital you will rob you of everything to serve your base.

In the Mafia City world, the number of players is huge and varied across different countries. The basic principle in the Mafia is that there is no tolerance, if you ignore not destroy the enemy then tomorrow, the enemy will crush you.

Advanced graphics technology

Mafia City gameplay

The graphics of the game utilize 3D Unity technology to bring the great quality picture. Features like zoom in, zoom out, turn around 360-degree viewing angles, and give you a like real-world experience. Sound and effects in Mafia CityMafia City are also very special.

Should you play Mafia City?

Mafia City is a game that is highly rated for both gameplay and graphics. Battle of the Mafia gangs, base building, and tactical thinking to defeat other gangs … all are waiting for you. Currently the game available on both iOS and Android platforms, allowing you to download completely free.

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