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Lyrica APK + MOD (Unlocked All Chapters) v4.5.0

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Package Namecom.Rnova.lyrica
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All Chapters
RequiresAndroid 5.0

There are few music games that combine Chinese poetry as well as Lyrica MOD APK. Fans of famous poets Li Bai and Du Fu can’t ignore this stylish game.

Introduce about Lyrica

Adventure into the world of poems

Music game and an unexpected combination

Lyrica is a music game themed in Chinese poetry in ancient times. Players will enjoy the melodious music, combined with the romantic poems of two great Chinese writers, Li Bai, and Du Fu. It is interesting that the poems that have entered the memory of so many people, appeared a long time ago, now appear in a music game with many modern music genres such as Rock, Ballad and Jazz. This strange and creative combination has resulted in a masterpiece of the game through time, bringing players to many areas of mixed emotions that are difficult to describe.

Rich game modes

The game has a total of fifty-seven good songs and three game modes. Story mode takes you through the interwoven stories of modern and ancient Chinese society. Song mode will give you the freedom to “play around” with word puzzles. In Challenge mode, you will have to overcome many challenges to reach the final victory.

In my opinion, Story mode is a bit lack interesting, but you should start with this game mode. It will help unlock newer artwork and songs. And this is also the only mode that can change the difficulty level: Casual is the easiest, Pro is the hardest.

Of the three game modes of this game, I like to play Challenge the most. Here are full of tasks to complete such as: completing a song at a certain rank or missing no less than 6 notes. The difficulty of each scene depends entirely on the speed of the song. When going to higher levels, the tasks will be more difficult and demanding. If done well, you will unlock additional FX.

Song mode is where you can play any of the songs in your collection. You can still unlock new songs through the other two modes or from when you have collected enough points from leveling up through the levels. Each song will have four levels Easy, Normal, Hard or Extremely Hard.

In addition to works based on Chinese poetry, you will also witness a lot of folk works inspired by the music of the indigenous people of Taiwan and a variety of Japanese poetic works. Gaming is not just enjoying music, but a stroll through the verdant land of rich poetry. Those who love poetry certainly cannot resist Lyrica.


Although it is a 100% music game, Lyrica also has a cute story. In the game, you are a gentle, talented guy who has a strong passion for music and want your life to become successful through music. One day, you discover that you can suddenly travel from the modern world to the ancient world. In this ancient China you met a mysterious poet. The adventure with music and poetry begins here.

The story is an interweaving series of famous historical anecdotes and classic poetic masterpieces.

Graphics and sound

If you are looking for a game with soothing images or quick effects, you can find Lyrica at any time. The background color in all contexts of the game looks like watercolors painted by hand with water. On that magical background, Chinese symbols, shapes, and characters from famous poems appear, constantly changing in many ways. They seem to blend into the background of the scene and the surrounding transition effects.

And the mission is like any other music game. You will touch all the characters and shapes on the screen following to the rhythm of the song. With the individual displays, you can touch each thing individually, but as the music plays, the symbols pop up in succession in a way that urges you to reconnect. Then you can use your finger to draw a continuous curve connecting those symbol points. It’s like drawing a password line for a smartphone. I temporarily call these special lines “combo moves”. When you do these continuous combos, following the right music, you will see your score increase dramatically. It not only proves your musical taste but also the ingenuity of each person.

Every time you hit a symbol that follows the music, a yellow flame will appear above, signaling that you have “done” one more. These effects appear soft enough to highlight the feat but also do not mess up the player’s vision.

MOD APK version of Lyrica

MOD feature

Unlocked All Chapters


You can buy chapters with real money for free, not related to actual transactions.

Download Lyrica APK & MOD for Android

There are many ways for you to enjoy the cultural quintessence of a country. The game is also a particularly good advertisement, typically the gameplay and meaning and story in this Lyrica. You can recognize a variety of symbols from classical Chinese poetic culture through ancient characters, timeless poems, and stories. Anyone who likes music and poetry can play this game right away.

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