Lutie RPG Clicker MOD APK 2.059.000 (Unlimited Money)

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Click … click … click. Can say, this is the simplest, easiest RPG game I ever knew. Lutie RPG Clicker (MOD Unlimited Money). When you hear the name of the game, you might as well guess this. The whole game, you just need continuous clicks to destroy the goals that the game requires. At times I feel stress, I often wander around Google Play store or Appstore to find a game of some kind. Lutie RPG Clicker is a perfect choice for these times.

This game is also known as “one touch role-playing game”. When you first see the game, you will think this is a complex RPG game like Kirara Fantasia or Returners. However, the gameplay of Lutie RPG Clicker is extremely simple but also humorous, identical to Flappy Birds.

Overview information

NameLutie RPG Clicker
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
RequiresAndroid 4.2


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The characters in Lutie RPG Clicker are called the Guardian. Your task is to control Lutie, destroy monsters to be stronger. Lutie is on the journey to restore Daystar lost after the Ragnarok. You will be immersed in the world of colorful fairies, beautiful space as in fairy tales.

New gameplay

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The game has over 300 cute and fun monsters for you to conquer. As mentioned above, all you have to do is click on the monsters to attack them, when their HP is over, you are the winner. There are two types of damage that you should know when playing Lutie RPG Clicker: Damage Per Click and Damage Per Second (DPS). You can upgrade your power to save more time. Also, you can unlock more skills for Lutie, corresponding to 100 levels.

When defeating the first boss, you should hire them. They will aid you in battle. You can upgrade or hire more bosses when you conquer them. Owning rare bosses that your friends do not have, it feels great. Each level of Lutie RPG Clicker is divided into 10 stages. Bosses will appear in stages 5 and 10. You should be prepared for the giant bosses to avoid being startled.

Gold and rubies are the two most valuable items in Lutie RPG Clicker. You can get them through the quests or after the matches. Besides, watching the ad every day gives you a large number of rubies. Every day there are 5 videos, each of which gives you 5 rubies. That sounds great.

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Simple but does not mean boring. You can challenge other players to show off your skills through great modes such as Seasonal Raid Tournaments, Expeditions, Servant Raids, Matching Mini-Games, and more. Also, there are many other interesting features to your explore.


Lutie RPG Clicker has beautiful 3D graphics. Characters are in chibi style so cute, beautiful.

I like this game very much. The game is fun, good entertainment without spending time. I can play whenever I want. When you stressful, irritating, instead of punching your items, you can “throw” all the rage by constantly typing something, maybe playing Lutie RPG Clicker!

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