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Lovelink APK + MOD (Photos Unlocked) v2.4.8

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Package Namecom.ludia.lovelink
PublisherLudia Inc.
MOD FeaturesPhotos Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 5.1
Lovelink MOD APK
Lovelink for android
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The MOD APK version of Lovelink has unlocked all pictures in the chatbox. You can view the pictures of your love for free without spending gems anymore.

Nowadays, thanks to the development of social networking sites, finding and expanding relationships with people from all over the world has become easy. Not only at the relationship of friends, partners, but you can also even find the love of your life just by texting. One of the typical dating apps to talk about is Tinder – an application for those who are looking for love. But what if you’re an introvert, not ready for a real-life date? Then Lovelink is exactly what you are looking for.

This is a dating game that completely simulates what you will go through when you find your love on Tinder. Maybe after experiencing Lovelink, you will be more motivated and experienced when searching for a mate on the Internet?

Dating with virtual characters

If you think Lovelink has a gameplay similar to the dating sim games then you are wrong. Instead of a plot with predefined characters, Lovelink creates a story that is told via text message and that way you will interact with different people. In other words, Lovelink has a similar mechanism to Tinder, only that you will interact with virtual characters instead of real people.

In the friend proposal, Lovelink has more than 60 different characters for you to choose from. From the independent lady Julien to the personality girl named Samantha Hamilton, handsome Kevin. Each character is designed with a beautiful appearance and has a different dress style. They look a lot like the main characters in romantic comics for teen.

Basic information such as name, age, personal preferences will be displayed on the Bio section of each person. Lovelink’s design team has gathered information from many different sources, bringing many types of people for you to choose from. Not only chats but through conversations, you can get more information about your friends, such as their lifestyle or origin.

Interface similar to Tinder

If you’ve played Tinder before, when you experience Lovelink you will find it almost 80% like. Lovelink will suggest you a list of people with some basic information and avatars. If you touch like (heart button), swipe right to “match”, if you want to skip, swipe left. If the other person also likes you, two people who “match” each other can text, call and interact until the two have feelings and go further.

Share interesting stories

For each person, Lovelink has a different way of starting a story. We will be watched and immersed in the humorous, cheerful conversations of the two. Lovelink also allows you to choose whether the relationship goes further or is just friends by choosing one of two different dialogues. Each reply directs the conversation to a different end.

When you begin to establish a relationship with someone, they may have feelings for or hate you. They won’t show up in your conversation. However, they will send you some photos. If you’re not curious, you might not be able to watch them, of course, it’s okay. However, you can pay a diamond amount to see those pictures. Unfortunately, Lovelink will not have any quests for you to earn free diamonds. You will have to deposit money to redeem diamonds and use them. I think Lovelink is free to download then this is a way for them to maintain their funding for game development. If you love Lovelink, you can pay to support them.

MOD features

  • Photos Unlocked: You can view the pictures for free.
  • VIP Unlocked: Just for fun, I’m not sure if it really works


Don’t tap on pictures, that could get you charged.

The society is developing day by day, many things are no longer the same as in the past, especially the love story. Instead of hanging around with some boring relationships, why not renew yourself and make friends with so many people from all over the world? Do not hesitate any longer but immediately download Lovelink, interesting stories, many fun and friendly friends. This game is more amazing and interesting than you think!

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  • segerevnv avatar
    Valentine Phantom

    Yo, sorry to bother you
    But I am also waiting for your renewal as the coming of Jesus 🗿

  • sitiasdahs avatar
    Asdahs Siti

    The VIP is unlocked but the photo wasn’t, it still needs diamonds. But hey it’s VIP lol. Tho it’s better if the mod is for photos.

  • nicxcastillo05 avatar
    Nic Crossing

    Hello. Can you please update? Thank you!

  • vv566bawaret avatar
    Extra Account

    Update please!

  • samanthasteiner05 avatar
    Yellow Fox

    Update plss

  • apurva308 avatar
    Apurva Bavishi

    Can you please Update this ? It’s been long since it’s updated so please do it. 😇

  • n0en3ubanks avatar

    Update 1.2.24 please thank youuu

  • jean-lucas-jl06 avatar
    Jean Lucas

    Please update 🙏🏻

  • somegtavideos avatar
    some gta videos

    Please update 😔 really wanted to play it but it’s asking for an update

  • andylyon0107 avatar
    Aoyama Sora

    Pls update :( thank youu

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